Win a set of five exclusive Quaker Oats MissPrint mason jars

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Following on from my Quaker Oats recipe for PB & J overnight oats, I’ve got a great giveaway for you today, so that you can create an aspirational breakfast to make your family proud! Read on to find out more…

There are plenty of moments that, as a parent, have not been my proudest.

For example, Belle seems completely unable to forget the one time I made her a tea that consisted simply of four burnt fish fingers. I can’t remember the context – I’m sure there was some – but of course, that will be the one thing she remembers forever and ever. Will she care that I have built myself an entire career around school hours, just so I can be there for her in the morning and after school?


She will remember the fish fingers.

Very occasionally though, I have one of those amazing parenting moments, where I actually do something that the mums on Pinterest do. Like when I made those pink doughnut helium balloons, or the time I made these Pingu cupcakes for Bee’s birthday. (And by ‘made’ I mean ‘paid someone else to make’.)

#vegan Pingu #birthday #cupcakes 🐧🍰☺️❤️

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That was a very proud day for me.

I had another of those aspirational parenting moments this week when I tried my hand at making some overnight oats using one of the new Quaker Oats MissPrint mason jars. I actually made PB & J overnight oats with a home made raspberry and chia seed jam, so bonus points to me. Skip back a few days and you’ll find the recipe post.

PB & J overnight oats recipe

I’ve always thought of overnight oats as one of those things that fancy parents do, like insisting their children clean their teeth twice a day and eat vegetables and stuff like that, so I was very proud of myself.

Think less overnight oats, more overnight gloats.

PB & J overnight oats recipe

Looking proud, like a toddler who has tied their shoelaces for the first time

Belle was less impressed with me, even though I made a little video, thinking I could win her round by becoming a YouTube sensation.

‘You know this is super cringe don’t you?’ she said, immediately crushing my overnight gloats dreams.

‘What do you mean??’ I said, mason jar in hand, ‘I’m just like Zoella!’

She snorted.

Well. What does she know? You just wait Belle, soon people will be sending me handbags to vlog about and they will sell out immediately and I will be famous.

Plus who needs the approval of teenagers when you have your very own jar of overnight oats??

PB & J overnight oats recipe

Yeah Belle – check me out!

Win a set of 5 Quaker Oats MissPrint mason jars

If you want to able to gloat about your oats every morning, then why not have a go at winning yourself a full set of Quaker Oats MissPrint mason jars, in five different exclusive designs? There are lots of ways to enter, as you’ll see in the fancy entry box below. Do as many as you can to maximise your chances.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to get started, you can claim one exclusive MissPrint jar every time you buy a pack of 1kg Quaker Traditional Rolled Oats.

Good luck and happy gloating!

Win a set of 5 Quaker Oats MissPrint mason jars

PB & J overnight oats recipe



  1. Victoria Prince
    5 June, 2017 / 7:19 pm

    I absolutely *love* overnight oats :) they are such a simple but fantastic invention! I love porridge and eat that most days, but especially in the hot weather I find overnight oats a fab alternative. Yours look lovely :) Sometimes I’ll just make mine ridiculously simple with oats, yogurt and water and it’s surprisingly tasty for something so basic!

    • Jo Middleton
      6 June, 2017 / 9:19 am

      I think that’s such a good point though – oats don’t need to be super fancy, they can be really simple too.

    • Jo Middleton
      6 June, 2017 / 9:19 am

      Thanks Rebecca! I was very pleased with myself – two camera angles and everything! I’m basically Nigella.

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