Mr Kipling gluten free cakes

I have to confess that I would normally think of myself as more of a biscuit than a cake person. I could quite happily munch my way through a whole packet of cookies, but cake… I’m not so sure.

I make an exception though for My Kipling.

(The cakes, not the actual man. Is he an actual man even?*)

Mr Kipling gluten free cakes

Mr Kipling cakes are different. With a Mr Kipling cake you never have to worry about them being too dry, or too sweet, or anything like that, because they are always PERFECT. I think this is the issue with cake normally for me – it’s a big investment calorie wise in something that can be unpredictable, and there’s nothing worse than chomping your way through a piece of yukky, dry cake, knowing that the calorie-enjoyment ratio has FAILED.

Sure, you can try to make yourself feel better about the wasted calories in some way – you were at a business meeting, or standing up, or something else that means it doesn’t count – but it doesn’t help. You need a cake you can rely on.

Mr Kipling cakes then = GOOD. (Exceedingly good, some might say.)

Mr Kipling gluten free cakes

Now this is all very well, but what if you’re one of these poor souls who can’t eat gluten? What then?? It must be awful having coeliac disease, as gluten is in all the tastiest things isn’t it? Not fun.

Fortunately nowadays we are a lot more aware of food issues like this – Coeliac Awareness Week is actually this week, May 8 – 14 – and there are plenty of gluten and wheat-free alternatives available, including – you guessed it – gluten free Mr Kipling cakes!

Mr Kipling have this year launched a range of gluten and wheat free loaf cakes, including a rather lovely lemon and ginger cake, a cherry bakewell cake, an apple cake and of course a gluten free version of the absolute classic – a Mini Cherry Bakewell.

Mr Kipling gluten free cakes


Mr Kipling gluten free cakes

I was a little bit nervous trying them for the first time, as a Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell in particular is one of my all time favourites, and I didn’t want the gluten free version to disappoint.

It did not.

I couldn’t taste any difference at all in fact. I gave them to Fiancé, and gave Belle a slice of apple cake, not telling them they were gluten free, and they didn’t so much as pause for breath. Belle has been having a slice of cake in her lunch box all week as she keeps telling me how nice it is. I’d normally think of Mr Kipling cakes for birthday party teas or special occasions, so the daily cake has been a massive treat.

Take a moment now if you will to imagine yourself getting down with a Cherry Bakewell. That smooth, rich pastry case and sweet white icing, biting through into that moist, mouthwatering middle…

Mr Kipling gluten free cakes

So there you go. If you are a coeliac disease sufferer, or just want to cut back on the amount of gluten and wheat in your diet, then get stuck into the Mr Kipling gluten and wheat-free range, available exclusively at Tesco.

And remember, calories don’t count if you are standing up.**

Mr Kipling gluten free cakes

*I just did some research and no, he is not. Neither is Betty Crocker, Uncle Ben or Colonel Saunders apparently. Bit disappointing, but I still like the cakes so I’ll get over it.

**Not true.

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