3 unusual ways to use laminate floor

I’m going to say something that might sound a little bit strange, given that a laminate floor company has asked me to write this post.

I’ve never really liked laminate floors.


I know, Floormaker are going to hate me. I mean sure, I know the benefits – they’re durable, affordable, easy to keep clean, great for families and homes with pets. I get it. But I’ve just never liked them.

But guys! It’s okay! Because I’m converted! I think the problem was that my experience of laminate floors has been of cheap, poorly fitted, badly designed floors. I never even knew that they could look good. But they can.

You can get laminate flooring in just about every style you can think of, including parquet style flooring, and all sorts of laminate designed to look like tiles.

Here are three laminate floor ideas though that you might not have thought of…

Laminate floor walls

I’m not sure I would ever think to cover a wall with laminate flooring but you can’t deny it makes a statement can you? I’m a big fan of wooden walls and ceilings. They make me feel like I’m in a holiday cottage in the 1980s.

Tile effect laminate floors

Did you think that laminate floors just came in a cheap beech effect? Think again! Check out this swatch from Floormaker:

tile effect laminate floor

I know right??

Laminate floor stair risers

I saw a lot of pictures on Pinterest of this and it looked really cool. Basically you carpet the actual step part, and then you add a wood effect laminate to the riser. The finished result looks ace.

I’ve pinned a picture on my new laminate floor Pinterest board, so have a scroll through my pictures below for inspiration.


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  1. 4 August, 2017 / 7:47 am

    Hi Jo, Laminate floors are really cool , reliable and easy to clean. that’s why i have installed laminate floors at my home and I am happy with my decision, It’s good, if you have changed to your thinking toward laminate flooring.

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