5 reasons to visit Kefalonia

reasons to visit Kefalonia

I always think it’s nice to have a few aspirational holidays on the back burner, to give you something to fantasise about when you’re stuck in the queue at the supermarket. The planning stage is about 82% of the actual fun of a holiday, so even if you don’t get to ever go on the holiday, you still get the enjoyment of planning it.

Even better of course is to plan a real holiday.

What are your best bits about holiday planning? As the weather was nice, I thought I’d have a little lie on the grass and tell you mine.


As you’ll have heard in the video (because you DID watch it right?!), I’ve been swooning over the villas on the Villa Plus website and planning myself a little dream holiday to Kefalonia. I know it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that we were scoffing mince pies, but Villa Plus are already thinking about 2018. What better way to maximise the excitement of holiday planning than to book your 2018 holiday NOW?!

Not only does it mean you have months and months to look forward to it, but if you book your dream holiday with Villa Plus now, you only have to pay a deposit of 10% of the villa price. The dream holiday that you might have thought was out of reach financially suddenly becomes a reality when you can spread the cost. Getting the booking in now also means you get your pick of the dates, so you don’t have to compromise on anything. 

What’s so great about Kefalonia?

Good question. Villa Plus has villas in all sorts of absolutely gorgeous places, including Spain, Portugal, Greece and Croatia, so why Kefalonia?

To answer that question, let me start by sharing my Kefalonia Pinterest board with you. A Pinterest board is a fab way to get you in the mood for planning your dream holiday, plus you can use it in conjunction with the Villa Plus website to pin your favourite villas! I dare you to look at this one and not want to immediately rush off and make your own:


I think I’ve made my point haven’t I??

Kefalonia is BEAUTIFUL. I mean absolutely stunning. I’ve never been to Greece before, and what an introduction this would be. In case you’re looking for something a little more specific, I’ve come up with five good reasons for choosing a holiday in Kefalonia with Villa Plus. You can see even more of Greece by taking a tour on one of the Greek Island hopping ferries.

The views

As you’ll have seen from my Pinterest board, Kefalonia is all about the views, not just of the sea, which is the sparkly blue that dreams are made of, but of hidden caves, tall boats, cobbled backstreets – it’s all going on. Even better, every single Villa Plus villa in Kefalonia has a view of the sea, which essentially makes your choice EVEN HARDER. Sorry about that.

The doors

The doors! I could take enough pictures in Kefalonia to keep my Instagram feed going for a YEAR. (Because that’s what a holiday is all about right?)


The food

Let’s be honest, even when I’m not on holiday, I spend a lot of time thinking about food, but when you go abroad, you open up a whole host of new food fantasy opportunities. I’m thinking fresh salads, big, plump olives, tangy feta cheese, hummus, warm breads…

*drowns in a pool of drool*

The facilities

With it’s beautiful beaches and friendly locals, Kefalonia is a perfect destination for families. Villa Plus can make your search for your dream villa even simpler, by filtering for family friendly features, such as villas with gated pools. This is super handy if you’re travelling with young children and want to keep everyone safe.

The colours

Everyone I know who has been to Greece talks about the light, and how much brighter and more beautiful it is. Add in the blue skies, turquoise seas and painted buildings and Kefalonia becomes a feast for the senses.

Search for your dream villa on the Villa Plus website now and start planning your perfect holiday for 2018.



Produced in association with Villa Plus. Image – Pawel Kazmierczak/shutterstock – https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Pawel+Kazmierczak


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