An Easter egg hunt with Robinsons Fruit Shoot

Easter egg hunt

Do you ever get bored of the same old Easter egg hunts?

I do.

I’ve been doing them for years now, and it would be nice quite frankly if the Easter Bunny hid ME some Easter eggs one year, but he never does, so I guess I will just have to carry on.

This year we were challenged by Robinsons Fruit Shoot to mix things up a little in the Easter egg hunt department, by creating a hunt on a theme. You might have seen the ‘It’s My Thing‘ TV ads for Fruit Shoot? They are all about finding that thing that excites you as a child, and championing that. We’re all different after all, and we should be celebrating that, not trying to make everyone exactly the same.

Easter egg hunt

My thing for example, when I was about Belle’s age, maybe a bit younger, was making little boxes out of cardboard. I was a bit of a maths geek and absolutely loved nets, (the maths kind, not anything fishing related.) I’d spend ages designing my nets, colouring them in, and then cutting them out and making them into 3D shapes.

(It was before the Internet and no, I didn’t have many friends.)

I had fun though! Damn I loved those nets. Kids nowadays are in way too much of a rush to grow up and leave behind their childhood passions, which is why I thought it would be fun to create Belle a under the sea inspired egg hunt. I’m all for encouraging older children to enjoy fun stuff like Easter egg hunts. I mean good grief, there’s enough hideous stuff going on in the world isn’t there? We could all do with just chillaxing and hunting for chocolate sometimes.

To help us on our way, the Fruit Shoot people sent us a hamper of under the sea themed goodies and craft stuff, plus of course some drinks in case the Easter egg hunt got a bit much and we needed to re-hydrate. We got some original Fruit Shoots – the ones made with real fruit juice, water and no added sugar or artificial colours and flavours – and some Fruit Shoot Hydro, which are just zero sugar flavoured water.

The hamper included some sea themed stickers, so I thought it might be fun to decorate the eggs before hiding them.

Easter egg hunt

I then set to work hiding everything around the house, and Belle quickly followed suit finding it all again.

The fun didn’t end once all the eggs were found either. Belle had seen a ‘hack’ on some kind of video on the YouTube and now has plans to turn her empty Fruit Shoot bottles into lava lamps to give her bedroom a bit more of an under the sea vibe.

Thank you Fruit Shoot for adding a bit of creativity to our Easter egg hunt this year!

Check out the It’s My Thing campaign for more information about how Fruit Shoot are helping kids to find their passion.

Easter egg hunt

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