Washing liquid for sensitive skin: Neutral 0%

There has been a smell of spring in the air over the last couple of weeks.

Do you know the smell I mean? I’m not sure how to describe it really – it’s not quite a warmth, but it takes the edge of the cold. It isn’t a sweetness either – more of a promise of sweetness to come. It’s a smell that makes you want to take a deep breath in and smile to yourself, a smell that makes you want to open a window and dust your skirting boards, in anticipation of a spring clean.

It’s the kind of feeling that inspires you to hang washing outside, even if it is still a little bit on the cold side. You want to wash your sheets and have them dry in the breeze, just to bring a little bit of the freshness into your bedroom.

Neutral 0% washing liquid sensitive skin

I especially love it when you get to the point where you can switch the central heating off for good, as the artificial heat always makes me scratchy. It drys out my skin and makes me long for the summer and the feel of the sunshine on my shoulders.

I don’t suffer as much as Bee and Belle – they’ve both always had very sensitive skin, especially Bee, who struggles a lot with eczema and has to be really careful with what she uses on her skin. (Belle did once get a rash in the swimming pool, and ever since has tried to convince me that it was the float, and that she has a polystyrene allergy, but I’m not convinced about that.)

With sensitive skin, you have to think not just about the products that you apply directly, but the stuff that indirectly comes into contact with your skin, like washing powders and liquids. Bee has to be very careful about what she uses to wash her clothes, so I’ll definitely be passing on some of my stash of Neutral 0% washing liquid.

Neutral 0% washing liquid sensitive skin

Neutral 0% was born is Scandinavia 25 years ago with a very simple mission – to take the nasty chemicals out of products than simply didn’t need them. That includes home products like my washing liquid, wipes and creams for babies and skincare for grown ups too.

Within the Neutral 0% household range you’ll find washing liquids for colours and whites, fabric softener and even a washing up liquid, all totally free from perfumes and colourants. It’s gentle on your skin and on fabrics, but still powerful enough to get clothes clean.

Neutral 0% washing liquid sensitive skin

You might think that a high quality product like this would be ridiculously expensive, but it really isn’t. 2625ml of washing liquid costs £12.49, which works out at just under 36p a wash. Yes, it is a bit more than you might pay for a supermarket brand, but what price can you really put on looking after your family’s skin? 10 full washes for the price of a hazelnut latte? It’s hardly breaking the bank is it?

Neutral 0% also offers a subscription service on laundry liquids, meaning you sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months for a monthly delivery at a reduced cost, making it even more affordable. Delivery is free on orders over £25 and if you order before 9pm you can get delivery the very next day. If you don’t want to spend that much to start with, you can get free delivery on your first order with the code FSNC.

If you or anyone in your family suffer with sensitive skin, or you just want to do something to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home, then Neutral 0% is a great choice.

Neutral 0% washing liquid

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  1. 15 September, 2017 / 8:55 am

    Hi Jo,

    Thanks for sharing. I have to try this one out. I always ended up having hand itching with my current washing liquid, I guess I have to switch to this.

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