A small daydream about built in furniture

I was finding it hard to concentrate this morning, so instead I thought I would have a brief daydream about built in furniture.

It might not seem like the sexiest of things to spend your time fantasising about, but there is something about the idea of built in furniture that seems so glamorous and grown up, that sometimes I just like to take a moment. Because I’ve never owned my own house it’s one of those things that other people do. My step-sister for example has these amazing built in drawers in her stairs. Each steps pulls out to reveal a huge drawer where they can keep things like shoes, hats and scarves – it’s amazing.

For me, built in bookcases have always been a bit of a dream. I like ones that fit into funny spaces and my absolute goal is bookcases built in around a door like this:


It would be even better of course if the books in that picture were arranged in rainbow colour order, but then you can’t have everything I guess.

(VERY weirdly, I realised after I found that image on Pinterest that I have actually BEEN to that house. It’s hired out as a film set and I went there to help film a video for WWF. Spooky.)

A close second would probably be a collection of walk in wardrobes. I have to use my imagination with this one a little bit and pretend that I open the doors to reveal an extensive and elegant shoe collection rather than just piles of cheap Primark t-shirts and a heap of old suitcases.


I’m also rather partial to those cupboards that you can get built in under your stairs, which fill up all of the space so neatly. I mean come on, how amazing is this?? That’s under the stairs GOALS right there:


If you didn’t have quite so much stuff, I like the idea too of turning under the stairs into a cute little built in work area. This is pretty isn’t it?


Okay, I feel better now.

The end.

Collaborative post.


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  1. 16 February, 2017 / 4:00 pm

    I;m totally with you on this, Jo. I live in a really old cottage, and there isn’t a straight wall in the house, so shelves of any sort, let alone built in ones, are virtually an impossibility. Unless I go for little ones that are six inches long and can hold one photo. Which isn’t QUITE the built in bookcases you have pictured here… THAT’s living the dream.


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