New Year Resolutions For Car Owners

2017 has arrived and like we do every year we make resolutions to improve our lives over the coming year. We resolve to hit the gym to get healthier and fitter. We resolve to be better friends, sons, daughters, spouses and partners. We resolve to be more productive and go for that new job or promotion. We resolve to finally go to that event we’ve been banging on about for years but never actually attended. We resolve to improve ourselves in many ways, but do we pass the same regard onto our cars?

Our cars take us to wherever we want to go, carry what needs to be carried and helps us transport our friends and loved ones. Cars have become almost an essential part of most of our lives, so why don’t we ever resolve to take care of our cars better every New Year?

Lose weight

You may wish to personally lose weight and get fit, that is what gyms and running shoes are for. But your car needs to lose weight as well. Have a New Year clear out and take out anything that you don’t need. Remove all the junk and your car will become much lighter. That will then save you money on petrol and reduce your emissions. You will be saving the planet and your bank balance.


Keep it clean

If you want to enjoy driving your car and feeling as if you’re sat in a nice place, clean your car. You probably wash the outside of your car often to ensure it looks clean for everyone else to look at. However, inside is just as important. You should enjoy sitting and looking at the inside of your car and that means throwing out all the rubbish, dusting the dashboard, patting down the foot mats and hoovering the entire car, including the seats.


Check those tyres

Tyres are not cheap. If you want to save your bank balance further, ensure your tyre pressure is always pumped up correctly. This allows the car to drive at peak performance. It does not have to struggle on lower tyre pressure, which costs you both in fuel efficiency and tyre tread, therefore you will require new tyres more frequently. Save money this new year.

Take it on holiday

Our cars are great for the weekly shop and getting to work and back, but they are also fantastic ways of taking a holiday. 2017 could be the year for a good old fashioned road trip. Whether you go with family or friends, you can pack up the car and set off on an adventure that may be planned down to the mile or it could be completely spontaneous and you make the whole thing up as you go along.

You could take a trip around Britain or you could head abroad into Europe and see the most spectacular places, meet the most interesting of people and drive on the most amazing roads available.


Lease yourself a new car

In the New Year, it is time to reflect upon whether or not you need a new car or not. Have you been driving the same car for years and fancy a fresh look? Or maybe your car is simply getting old and not working to the full capacity and is actually costing you more money than it is worth?

If any of these things ring true, it might be worth considering a New Year Resolution to get a new car. There are a variety of ways to achieve that. You can get a car through car finance, which allows you to own the car after paying monthly payments for an agreed period of time. This happens either by paying the car off over the period with a PHP deal or paying off a certain amount over the period then pay off the rest of the car through a balloon payment as you do with a PCP agreement.

Another way you can get a car is through car leasing. You have a variety of options varying from paying a deposit and low monthly payments, or never needing to pay a deposit at all and car leasing for those who have poor or bad credit. The only difference between leasing and finance is that you must hand the car back at the end of the agreement, but then you don’t have to worry about depreciation and can simply hand the car back and upgrade if you fancy a different car.

2017 could be the greatest year of our lives and we start it by making our resolutions. Your car deserves to have a year just as good as yours. Make sure you make resolutions to keep your cars in the best condition possible and if necessary treat yourself to a new, fresh car.


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