3 Simple Ways to Teach Your Children About Wildlife

Learning to respect wildlife is a lesson we learn from a very young age. We are taught that animals are to be loved and cared for, and that their natural environments should be preserved where possible.

Our children must learn to respect wildlife and know the difference between an animal that we can keep as a pet and those that are more suited to live in nature, rather than in our houses!

But how should you teach your children about wildlife? Well, here a few ideas…

Put up a bird feeder together

One of the best ways to teach your kids about nature and wildlife is to get them involved. So, attract birds to your garden by putting up a few bird feeders and allowing your kids to fill the feeder themselves. Birds enjoy eating a variety of food including sunflower seeds, mealworms, peanut granules, flaked maize and barley grains, and there are a variety of bird feeders on the market too. This gazebo style bird feeder is easy for children to fill up with bird seed, and because it has a wrap-around seed tray, there’ll be plenty of opportunity for little ones to watch the birds that flock to it!

Feeding birds is an easy way to get your kids excited about wildlife. Providing birds with food will not only bring birds closer to your home, but it will also help to educate young children about the different eating habits and behaviour of certain bird species.

Bird watching as a fun hobby

Get your kids excited about wildlife by making it a fun hobby for them to enjoy. You can do this by getting them to draw pictures of the various bird species they have seen in their own back yards. Pack a little ‘adventure bag’ for your child and take them to the nearest forest park or nature reserve. The bag could include items such as a pair of children’s binoculars, a notebook to record their findings, and a well-deserved snack for all their hard work!

Learning about local wild animals

At first, it can be difficult for kids to understand the difference between wild animals and pets, but it is an important lesson to be learned. You don’t have to go far to teach children about wildlife – just take a look in your own garden! You probably already have a few visitors outside. Talk to your kids about the different animals in your garden, discussing the various types of food and shelter each species requires.

Finally, you get creative juices flowing by having children make colourful welcome signs for the animals who have made your garden their home. For example, take a piece of wood or an outdoor chalkboard sign and have your kids write welcome signs such as “Frog’s Welcome Here” or “Robin Nest Inside,” to get them eager and excited about learning more about wildlife.

Teaching kids to respect wildlife can be achieved by getting them involved with feeding birds, creating log piles to act as shelter for smaller creatures and making them welcome in the back garden. Give these ideas a go and see how you and your family get on.


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