Best packing tips for those moving

Necessary issues to settle before moving

A poorly organised moving process can cost you a lot of nerves as well as money. Before making this serious step, make sure you have a plan and make a list of things not to forget. Great planning will guarantee a painless relocation. 

While choosing a company to trust relocating all your belongings it is better finding the best and most reputable one as only trustworthy orange county movers will guarantee safety of your stuff and here are some recommendations on how to find reliable movers:

  • Ask your friends or colleagues for referrals, browse internet for reviews;
  • Make sure that the moving company you are about to hire is licensed and insured;
  • Finally check business credentials.

These are only few basic tips that might be useful while preparing for moving out and relocating to a new house.

Packing and organizing tips

After moving company is chosen and all insurance coverage issues are settled one may be left with another hard assignments as packing. Your whole life must be carefully analyzed and packed in boxes. This whole procedure might take a lot of time so it is necessary creating a priority packing list and evaluate how much time packing will consume. Here are few essential details not to forget when start packing:

  1. Try estimating how many boxes you will need to pack all stuff you are planning taking with you. Other useful things that might be handy are: bubble wrap  that will take care of all fragile things, strong tape, paper or old newspapers for lining boxes, knives, bolts etc. Consider using red duct tape on boxes with all essential thing that will be required shortly after moving in at a new place;
  2. Carefully look through all your belongings and decide what is useful and what can be thrown away or given for charity;
  3. All essential things for the first days at your new home like first-aid kit, basic clothes,  kitchen stuff must be packed and moved  in advance;
  4. Try to pack one room at a time and don’t forget labeling all your boxes with indication of the room to which it belongs – it will be easier to find necessary things after. Try to keep all boxes for each room together, label boxes that contain breakables or fragile items;
  5. Don’t forget to pack all important documents together and keep them close to yourself. Another useful idea is to back up your computers;
  6. It is important to notify utility services at both old and new places few weeks prior to your move; hire cleaners to take care of both premises.

Following these easy instructions will make your moving process much easier as you will have your list of priorities and won’t forget any little detail.

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    Thanks for this guide! Sometimes it’s a bit painful to purge yourself of all the old items you own, but it’s also an opportunity to start off fresh and give away things to those less fortunate. Great post!

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    After reading your article I am just figuring out that what type of mistakes I did and what shouldn’t be repeat in the future, so THanks for guiding us with such useful article

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