Stuck On You – back to school, a review and a quiz

I have a quiz for you today! It’s only two questions, it’s not The Krypton Factor or anything, so give it a go. It has a ‘back to school’ theme:

Q.1. When it comes to labelling Belle’s clothes and equipment for school, do I:

A. Carefully iron labels onto everything, including individual socks, whilst listening to wholesome podcasts and humming classical music quietly to myself.

B. Assume that because she is now nearly 14, she’ll be able to carry a jumper and lunch box to and from school without accidentally throwing it in a hedge or leaving it in a bin.

Q.2. How many times have I had to pay to replace lunchboxes, bags and items of uniform, including a whole PE kit plus trainers, so far?

A. None. Because of the labels. Dur!

B. More times that I really care to mention. Certainly enough times to wish I had answered A to question 1. 

How did you do?

If you answered mainly B – congratulations! You know me well!

If you answered mainly A – boo! You are clearly new here and will need to spend the next couple of hours reading old posts to get up to speed.

The reason I’m so rubbish at labelling school clothes and equipment comes down to a mixture of laziness, plus my peculiar attitude to risk. Generally, if it’s not a legal requirement, and I think I can afford it without going bankrupt should anything go wrong, I avoid paying for anything that might save me money in the long term. This includes things like insurance, extended warranties, sometimes parking if I’m feeling crazy, and name labels.

Unfortunately for me, the whole risk/effort/cost ratio with school labels is such that only a fool, a fool I tell you, (i.e. me), would not part with a couple of pounds for a pack of labels, when the alternative is having to buy a new PE kit every six months.

Have I made my point?


Now that you’re sold on the importance of labelling stuff, have a look at Stuck On You. If you can think of something that might need labelling, chances are Stuck On You have got it covered. (Literally, with labels.) You can customise everything, so you can create very personal labels that your kids won’t be embarrassed to have stuck all over their stuff. If you’re worried about labels coming off, you can even get items made with names on, like water bottles, bags and lunch boxes.

Stuck On You school labels

One of my favourite Stuck On You products is the allergy labels. With allergies becoming more and more common, sending your child off to school and not feeling in control of what they eat can be scary. With the Stuck On You allergy labels you can make sure everyone knows exactly what your child can and can’t eat. Simple, but clever.

Stuck On You school labels

So there we go. If only I’d had these 17 years ago, when Bee started school, (good God – Bee started school 17 years ago?!?), I’d probably have saved enough money for an exotic holiday somewhere.

Buy all your labels from Stuck On You now, and have the happy, warm feeling of knowing you’re a better parent than me!

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  1. anne wallwin
    12 August, 2016 / 11:40 am

    the allergy labels are a genius idea!

  2. 18 August, 2016 / 4:16 pm

    We homeschool so thankfully don’t need to buy three tonnes of stuff every August ( well nine tonnes, cos three kids) but I might just get some anyway so they can all stop fighting over whose stuff is whose. Also I could totally get them printed with my phone number and put one on each of their backs for days out in case they get lost…

  3. 18 August, 2016 / 10:38 pm

    I sew my labels on my daughter clothes (not socks). I’ve just bought labels for my youngest daughter which are mostly finished.

    Just two cardigans each to do, I didn’t buy them till this week as the shops only had the wooly ones in, and they wanted fleecy ones

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