Could your lactose intolerance actually be a myth?

We have all kinds of dairy related issues in our family, and Bee and Belle both find that avoiding dairy stops them getting all sorts of tummy related problems, but could lactose intolerance actually be a myth for many people? New research suggests that the symptoms normally associated with lactose intolerance, including bloating and stomach cramps, could actually be attributable to an intolerance to A1 protein – a substance found naturally in some, but not all, cows’ milk.

Published in the UK based Nutrition Journal, the study led by Professor Sun Jianqin from Huadong Hospital, an affiliate of the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai, compared the impact on those that drank conventional cows’ milk – milk with the A1 protein – with that of a2 Milk.

A2 milk isn’t processed to remove anything, it just uses the milk from cows that naturally produce milk with less of the A1 protein – it’s nothing freaky, it’s just about selecting different types of cow. The findings could prove significant for the 12 million odd people in the UK who say they have problems with cows’ milk – switching to a2 milk could be an option, instead of eliminating milk entirely, or switching to other processed or artificial alternatives.

If you or anyone in your family experiences issues with regular milk, have a watch of this short video, or visit the a2 website for more information about the research.

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