18 hilarious laundry mishaps that will make you feel better about that time you dyed all your shirts pink

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What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, laundry wise?

The classic red sock in a wash full of bright white shirts maybe? I’ve always thought that was a bit of a cliché, the sort of thing that only happened on TV, until I did it with a pink sock. It actually turned my white dressing gown a rather lovely pale lilac colour, which I was pretty pleased with, so it wasn’t all bad.

Does Ecover washing liquid work?As you may have noticed, (from the big pictures of bottles of Ecover laundry liquid), I’ve been doing some work recently with Ecover to try to help people lighten the laundry load. Ecover’s plant-based Non Bio Concentrated Laundry Liquid formula tackles tough stains, even at 30 degrees, so hopefully that will save you a bit of laundry time and stress.

I could certainly do with some help.

A couple of weekends ago we spent around four hours in total taking our washing machine apart, looking for a mystery noise that turned out to be a five pence that had worked its way through the filter, and I don’t feel I’ve been quite forgiven yet for taking an extremely expensive pair of dry clean only suit trousers to the launderette for a service wash and tumble dry.

I’ve had a few ironing incidents too.

You know how people say that men deliberately do the ironing really badly so that their wives won’t let them do it? That’s me. Except it’s not deliberate.

I was once ironing an ex-boyfriend’s favourite white shirt, (before he knew better), when Bee showed me a cute picture of a baby on Twitter. Distracted, I dropped the iron on the floor. I picked it up quickly, not realising I had melted the carpet, and proceeded to iron said carpet on the back on the shirt. Ex-boyfriend was not terribly impressed, although it meant I never had to iron a shirt again. The carpet never quite recovered either.

So that’s four laundry mishaps already, and I’ve not even started the list properly. Laundry is perhaps not my thing. Just think of all the time I could be spending doing other, less dreary things, if I wasn’t always thinking about washing!

We thought it would be fun to put together a round up of some other people’s laundry mishaps, so that you can learn from their mistakes, spend less time on laundry, and more time having fun! (Unless stain removal is your idea of fun, in which case, knock yourself out, crack open the Ribena and have a party.)

So there you have it, I’m not alone in my laundry incompetence. I can safely say I’ve never tried to boil wash a potato.

What have been your worst laundry catastrophes? Please do tell! If you fancy it, you can share them with me, @mummyblogger, and @EcoverUK. Use the hashtag #LightenTheLoad.


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