Introducing the new booking tool for bloggers from Webfluential #BookedByWebfluential

Do you remember a little while ago I told you about Webfluential? I was telling you about how much I liked the way you could set up a blogger media pack with them, and earn money by referring other bloggers. (Have a read now if you don’t remember, it was interesting.)

Well, Webfluential have introduced a brand new tool for bloggers, to help you streamline the process of securing work, called Booked By Webfluential. It’s essentially a booking form, that you add to your blog with a plugin, or attach to your media kit, and that links back to your Webfluential profile. Webfluential are the first company in the world to focus on developing innovative tools like this that gives bloggers the potential to really grow their business and means that you can taken bookings from anyone, anywhere.

I’ve set it up here as a live page, so you can see it in action for yourself, but essentially it looks like this. You can customise the introductory text:

Webfluential booking tool

When anyone requests a quote, they are then redirected to a page that gives more information about me, and a full quote, showing how much each part of the campaign will cost, based on the prices you’ve set in your profile. When you set these, Webfluential will help by suggesting a reasonable price, based on your reach in that particular area and what other people are charging. Potential partners then have the option to book there and then. (Note – these figures are for illustrative purposes.)

Booked by Webfluential

As a blogger, you get an email notification, even if someone doesn’t book immediately, to tell you that someone has expressed an interest, and then everything is kept under ‘My Bookings’ in your Webfluential dashboard, so you can keep track. I think this page looks really smart, and definitely gives a very professional vibe. If you’re a blogger who’s looking for a simple, streamlined way to organise work admin, this could definitely be a really useful tool.

I also like the tool because it really makes you think about your value. When I work with brands, the social media side of things is often a bit of an add on and often I’ll end up saying I’ll include a few tweets for nothing, to go alongside a blog post, without properly considering the value of these. When I was setting the prices in Webfluential and they suggested, based on my following, that I charge $600 per tweet (?!?!?) it definitely brought home to me the fact that I should pay more attention to this side of my business.

The one thing I wasn’t so sure about with this tool, is the lack of relationship that you get with a brand. A lot of my work is repeat business – I build up a good relationship with a PR company, and they get to know me, and they come back again and again. It would be hard to do the same with this tool. However, I definitely see it has having a place alongside my regular way of working, particularly in terms of the social media side of things. Often I get people asking how much it would cost for X number of tweets for instance, and it would be fantastic on those occasions to just be able to send them a link to this form and let them pick and choose themselves.

What to you think of the Booked by Webfluential tool? Could you see this forming a part of your business growth plan?

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  1. 15 March, 2016 / 9:37 am

    I’ve not come across Webfluential before (off to read your previous post next!), but that sounds like an interesting concept and something that could help save a lot of time.

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