Kickstarter spotlight on Bundle Beds

Have you ever backed a Kickstarter campaign?

I’ve backed a few. I love the idea of being able to directly invest in someone’s dreams. Sounds a bit soppy, but that’s basically what you’re doing isn’t it? It makes product development possible for people who might never have been able to do it before, and you get something back yourself, which is fun, because then it just feels like shopping. Generous shopping.

My favourite Kickstarter product at the moment is the Bundle Bed.

Here it is:

Bundle Bed

Casual surfboard. Living the dream.


We’ve done a lot of camping and festivals and what not over the years, and my absolute least favourite bit about the whole process is the sleeping arrangements. There is nothing fun at all about trying to sleep well at a festival. First of all you have the kerfuffle of having to carry everything from your car to the camping area, which is normally about seven miles away. Then you get there and realise you don’t have a pump for the air bed, so you have to do it with your mouth. 

Once you’ve come round from your faint, you bundle in all the sleeping bags and blankets, only to come back in the evening to find it’s deflated just enough to ensure your hip touches the ground when you lie on it. 

Not cool.

The Bundle Bed is just what you need for family camping trips, festivals, sleepovers – you name it, wherever you need an extra, easy to put up bed, it’s there. Simply roll it out, and it self-inflates. Boom. It includes a 15 tog cosy duvet, brushed jersey cotton sheets, and even a pillow! All the bedding is removable and washable too. It’s literally like being able to roll up your own bed and take it anywhere. Genius.

Bundle Beds

I’m not kidding, you need to get yourself a bit of the Bundle Bed action now. Never sleep on a flat air bed again! Be a trend setter!

Back Bundle Beds on Kickstarter now and live the dream!


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  1. 9 October, 2017 / 6:28 pm

    Love this bundle beds! I have a few of new similar Kickstarter products on my site if you want to check it out too.

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