Back to school in style with Melijoe

You may remember me writing about festival fashion for kids a little while ago, when I shared with you some of my favourite pieces from, a site that’s full of funky, fashionable and great quality kids’ clothes that children love as much as parents.

If you’ve been to a festival already this year, and are now back at home, chances are you’re already starting to think about that time that always seems to creep up on us every year – back to school time. If like me you spend the last week of August running around frantically searching for school skirts, lunchboxes and pencil cases and standing in line for shoe fittings, you’ll know how stressful shopping for school stuff is.

However, has some lovely back to school items at the moment, so you can check some things off that list now! 

Billieblush school bag

Sometimes school can be quite boring, but not with a bag as glittery as this! I almost wish that I was starting school in September so I could get this bag. I mean, I could probably buy it for myself, but I think I might get some funny looks in the office. However, this bag is perfect for little girls who want to add a bit of sparkle to their school look.

billieblush sparkly satchel

Stella McCartney Kids pencil case

A new school year means a new pencil case, and this cool design will give all the other kids in the class pencil case envy for sure. Just the right size for all your pens and pencils, this hard wearing pencil case will be likely to last a year of being thrown around and squished between books in a bag.

stella mccartney pencil caseJunior Gaultier coat

This gorgeous blue waterproof coat is perfect for use all through the chilly months and in those inevitable downpours half way to school. With a big fluffy hood, this coat will keep your child toasty warm to and from school. The bold blue colour goes great with any outfit too, so this coat is also perfect for weekend looks.

junior gaultier coat

Tartine et Chocolat tights

One thing I always forget to buy when it comes to back to school essentials is tights. There just never seems to be enough clean pairs on any given day, especially at 8am on 1st September when you realise you forgot to buy any at all. These lovely navy knit tights will last your little one through the winter, while keeping them warm enough to wear a school skirt all year round.

Tartine et Chocolat tights

Petit Bateau tops

Another essential for back to school wear is a few vests for under school shirts. These Petit Bateau tops are perfect for popping under school shirts when the weather gets cold, great for PE day and those awkward after school club changes in the car. The cute little bows mean they are great for non-school style too.

petit bateau kids underwear

Ralph Lauren knit cardigan

Another great buy for when the weather gets colder, this plain grey cardigan will go great with any uniform for walking to school or in the playground. The cotton knit and long sleeves will keep your kid cosy whatever the weather and the high quality knit means it will last and last through work and play.

Ralph Lauren knit cardigan

Produced in collaboration with Melijoe




  1. 4 August, 2015 / 10:38 pm

    There are simply no words to explain how much I love That Sparkly Satchel.

    • Jo Middleton
      5 August, 2015 / 1:46 pm

      Bit gorgeous isn’t it? :-)

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