Because what 16 year old doesn’t like to wear their mum’s clothes? My donation to the SendItNow #GoodDelivery campaign

This week I did my bit for the PDSA.

I didn’t rescue a skinny dog or de-flea a bedraggled cat or anything, but I did donate what I think is the most expensive item in my wardrobe. (Not hard to be honest as most of my clothes come from charity shops or sales.)

The PDSA are working with SendItNow to collect special items from a group of bloggers, which can be auctioned by the PDSA to raise money for their valuable services, and I am one of them! Hoorah! It sounds like a cliché, but I love using my blog for good things, and to be able to make a little bit of difference where it’s needed.

You’d think, with this generous attitude, that I’d be the sort of mother to shower her children with gifts and attention, doing my best to fulfil their every dream.


I’m actually not that kind of mother at all. In fact, I’m the kind of mother who makes her 16 year old wear one of her mum’s dresses to her school leavers’ prom. I know, I know, but we weren’t exactly flush four years ago, and I had only worn it once before, to my then-boyfriend’s graduation ball. We’ll brush over the fact that I was 32 at the time. He was actually very mature for his age thank you very much, plus I have the clear, fresh skin of a twenty something, so really it was totally fine.

*coughs and quickly moves on*

Let’s watch the video and say no more about it…

I think it would be fair to say that Bee was not impressed at the time. When I told her I was donating the dress, she seemed relieved if anything, as though I might otherwise have had it bleached and made her wear it to her own wedding.

“I hate that dress,” she said. Just in case there was any remaining ambiguity.

Although Bee clearly has difficult memories attached to the dress, it’s actually very lovely. It’s from my slightly, (by which I mean much), skinnier phase, and I remember when I first put it on, feeling as glamorous and grown up as I had ever felt before. It’s wonderfully silky, and very flattering.

SendItNow #GoodDelivery

I packed up my dress then into the Box of Good, (it’s official name), and sent it off to the next blogger in the gang, Lou at Little Green Shed. SendItNow picked it up from my house, and it all went very smoothly indeed. Lots of other bloggers will be adding their items to the Box of Good, so follow the #GoodDelivery hashtag on Twitter to see what goes in.

What would you have put into the Box of Good? is a parcel delivery service which provides you with one low price to anywhere in the UK up to 30kg. They also offer great value international parcel delivery to over 220 countries and territories worldwide, and will collect from your home or business; or you can choose to drop off to one of over 11,000 Post Office® branches. uses Parcelforce Worldwide for it’s delivery service.

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