3 mistakes that new vloggers make

Today I have a guest post from Veena at Mum to Millionaire. I recently recorded a podcast with Veena, sharing my blogging tips, so now Veena is returning the favour by sharing her vlogging tips!

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Veena V here from Mum to Millionaire – Radio presenter turned receptionist turned online entrepreneur. I’m a single Mum to a hyperactive 6 year old and I just so happen to be a YouTube addict!

So you’ve seen loads of Mums creating a successful blog, now you’ve seen that Mum down the road vlogging and getting thousands of hits. Do you fancy giving it a go? Before you whack out your phone here’s three mistakes that all new YouTubers make:

1) COPYING OTHERS Maybe if you copy that Mum down the road and record the exact same baby hauls, pram reviews and how to make fairy cake videos you’ll be super successful too?

WRONG – you must record videos that YOU want to make. What are you passionate about? What is your style? Look to other vloggers for inspiration but don’t copy them. You will get people watching your videos if you strive on being the best version of yourself.

Yes its blimin’ dam hard to build a YouTube following, but just remember to be consistent and love the videos you make, then it will never be a chore.

2) BAD SOUND & LIGHTING – The way YouTube has evolved over the last few years means you simply can’t get away with bad lighting and sound. But don’t worry – it’s really easy to ramp up the quality of your videos.

If you’re vlogging at home, always film in front of a window – with the light shining on you. 90% of my videos are filmed with natural light, its free so make use of it! You can also buy affordable external microphones that can plug straight into your smartphone. Or if using your webcam you can buy cheap USB microphones that will really make your videos sound much more professional.

If you can’t be bothered with all of that and just want to start recording a few videos then remember to be as close to the cameras internal mic as you can.

3) NO CLEAR GOAL – I find this one a little sad. A lot of people start vlogging because they see everyone else doing it. Just because another blogger has started making videos it doesn’t mean you have to.

If you do decide to pick up your camera, think to yourself why are you doing it? Is it to be ‘famous’, do you want to drive traffic to your blog? Or maybe you want to document your family’s life & don’t care about how many views you get.

I make videos to help people get started on youtube and strengthen my brand. I know some people who just want to make money. Whatever your reason, be focused and be clear.

I really hope this has helped you & if you want more youtube tips, here’s six more mistakes vloggers make:

Remember if you want to do something in your life, just do it! Take action today & create an incredible life for your kids – yes I know that sounds cheesy but its true!

I recently had the privilege to stare at Jo’s beautiful face when she was a great guest over on my blog and talked about the truth about blogging. I LOVE Jo’s wit and how brutally honest she is – take a listen to her on the Mum to Millionaire blog and you can also listen on your phone.

Come on what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and try vlogging – you never know where it could lead….

Veena V x



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    Thank you so much for featuring me Jo!

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