A video review post from Belle – Vertbaudet summer 2015 girls’ clothes

Do you remember a little while ago when Belle and her friends made the lovely little video slide show thing about her new clothes?

Cute wasn’t it?

So cute in fact, that I made her do another one.

I mean, I didn’t make her, there were no threats or head locks or anything, that would be cruel. I just asked nicely, about 47 times, over the period of about a month, until she finally relented.

And here it is:

Vertbaudet is one of my favourite brands for Belle, particularly when it comes to jeans. Belle has always been very slim, and getting jeans to fit her around the waist and reach her ankles at the same time is really tough – most places seem to think that 12 year olds are about twice the tummy span of Belle. Vertbaudet do a fantastic range of sizes and fits, which is ideal for Belle.

They are also surpisingly good value. The leggings for instance come in a pack of two for just £8.

What’s your go-to store for kids’ clothes?

Belle is wearing yellow denim skirt and blue leggings. We were sent these items from Vertbaudet for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own.


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