16 beautiful coffee tables

I have been spending rather more time than is strictly necessary lately looking at home furnishings. If I’m not careful, I will start using Pinterest properly, and then we really will be done for. Belle will be foraging for snacks in other people’s bins, unable to pull me away from the latest geometric trends.

I think it comes from living somewhere small. I have all sorts of grand ideas, but no room for any of them. At the moment I don’t even have a coffee table. I know, shocking isn’t it? I may as well live in a shack in the woods. I really want a coffee table though. In fact I have had a bit of a coffee table crush for 18 years now; I had a boyfriend while I was at university who shared a beautiful flat in Bristol with a friend. The friend had this coffee table – it was a big, square, wooden dining room table that had had the legs cut off about a foot from the ground. I don’t often think about the boyfriend, but I do think about the coffee table.

My dream coffee table would be big. It would be just the right height that you could rest your feet on it from the sofa, but also sit on the floor next to it for playing games. It would always have a vase full of fresh flowers in the middle, and possibly a bowl of exotic fruit. There would be magazines galore – nothing too glossy, something with a matt finish and articles encouraging me to ‘savour the moment by roasting my own coffee beans’ or something equally as bohemian and time consuming.

To while away a happy hour this afternoon then, while my potatoes baked gently in the oven and I imagined myself living in a house where I couldn’t see said potatoes from my spot on the sofa, I had a browse through Pinterest and collected 16 of my very favourite coffee table pictures.

I seem to have a bit of a thing about yellow at the moment, so that features amongst the collection. I also love solid wood furniture. Maybe one day, when I’m a proper grown up…

coffee tables

Do you have a coffee table? Is it wonderfully glamorous and covered with beautiful books full of stunning interiors? Or is it piled high with dirty cups and school letters you’ve not read yet?

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  1. 12 March, 2015 / 2:56 am

    I love my coffee table. It has a neat little stack of art and travel books, a box that folds out and holds a wood chess set, a couple candles, and some coasters for when we drink our coffee or wine in the living room. It makes me feel like proper grown up in a room that I could hold an adult conversation in without worry about dirty socks on the floor. It has two little cupboard doors and three drawers for hiding other little treasures. The clutter is intentionally rustic and homey. Oh get one Jo. I hear they have ones that the top folds up to make it more compact when you need it to be.

  2. Lucy
    15 March, 2015 / 8:32 pm

    Hmmm I sort of want a coffee table but I also like just having a rug and nothing else in the room. This is the sort of thing I agonise over…

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