REVIEW: Makie Doll

This is a review from my 12 year old daughter Belle. All words and pictures are her own. 

Makie Doll

Recently my mum asked me if I wanted to design my own doll and then write mine own review it, obviously any girl would not turn up the opportunity to create and customise their own doll! So this is my review of my Makie Doll!

I spent along time deciding if I wanted to base it on a person or just make it up. In the end I decided to just make it up as I went along!

The first stage of completing your Makie Doll is to choose the skin colour. Next you choose the clothes and then the hair style. There is a button in the bottom corner to make the face more detailed so I used this to change the shape of the ears and eyebrows, etc. Makie Doll review Makie Doll review Makie Doll review Makie Doll review Makie Doll review Makie Doll review Makie Doll review

So then you have to put in all your details like your address and credit card numbers and all of those things like that…

It does take a couple weeks for it to be dispatched but once it has it then only takes a couple days for it to arrive. It arrives in a black cardboard tube so it is safe through out its journey. It can also come will accessories like glasses, different shoes and many more items that you can get to make your doll look more like you.

Mine came with red Doc Martens and a laptop.

Makie Doll

I was SSSOOOOO exited when I got home from school to see the box waiting for me so I opened it and was amazing to see her long bright red hair shining and her pretty face smiling!

All in all I think that anyone would like the opportunity to customise their own Makie Doll and have it under the tree for Christmas!

Belle :)


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