REVIEW: Cornerstone – a better way to shave

A guest post from my lovely boyfriend.

Cornerstone razor

Ask any man and they’ll tell you the same thing; as a kid, you see starting to shave as a massive leap forward into the world as an adult man. You watch your Dad shaving for years and long for the day when you can start pulling faces in the mirror whilst covered in shaving foam. I was always puzzled why my Dad used to tell me that I should enjoy the pre-shaving days, as the process was a total faff which would soon become a daily burden. I assumed he was talking total rubbish, but after a couple of years of shaving rash, nicks and cuts, I realised that shaving really is a pain.

In terms of shaving products, it was always very straightforward. Gilette somehow sent me a razor in my sixteenth birthday, and from that day onwards I’ve always shaved with their latest razor. Every year or so they add another blade to their razor, and I have to remember what turbocharged jet aircraft their latest model is named after when I go shopping. Sooner or later I’m sure they’ll call it quits and team up with Swiss Army Knife, which has the same number of blades.

Anyway, once I’ve remembered the blade name that’s me done for about three months – by this time I’ve been using the same blade for a month, having gone through the pack of four at least twice. When my post-shaven face resembles the tomato base of a pizza, I know it’s time to get new blades, and this saga starts all over again.

Genuinely, I can say that the lovely people at Cornerstone have revolutionised my shaving experience.* If you still haven’t found that extra something for the man in your life’s Christmas stocking, I cannot recommend highly enough their products and gift set. Stylishly packed and wonderfully chic, the gift set contains all their lovely shaving products, which have been a joy to use. What’s more, they will send you your new razors and products at regular intervals throughout the year, or just as a one off, it’s up to you.

Three liquids are included with the gift set. First you get a pre-shave exfoliating facial scrub, which removes dead skin and prepares for the shave and help reduce the likelihood of cutting yourself. The largest tube is of shaving gel, which is perfect if like me you get skin irritation whilst shaving. Lastly, and it’s my favourite, is a cool and refreshing post shave balm, designed to moisturise. The razor is as stylish as a razor can be, and the description on Cornerstone’s website makes it sound like it’s been engineered by lab-coat wearing scientists who work for Audi. The handle even had my initials tastefully engraved on it.** 

As for the blades – my usual niggle with any razor – they stay sharp for a long time. In fact, I decided to see how many shaves I could get from a single blade before the shaving suffered. I’m sure that defeats the object of having new blades sent to you, but for quality assessment I decided to take one for the team. The answer is that one blade lasted for at least four more shaves than the product I used to use, and even then it was still performing fairly well.

I never thought testing Cornerstone’s product would be any more than an experiment for a month. It’s a bold statement, but I can’t imagine now shaving with anything else. They’ve revolutionised what was a tedious and irritating start to the day into something that I actually look forward to. I’ve tried desperately hard to find some sort of niggle or gripe with the products and simple can’t. One thing? It’d be great it the lids of the three liquid products were different colours so you could easily distinguish against them when they’re in a sponge bag, but that is just pernickety.

Finally, a shaving product not rammed down your throat on TV as the ultimate alpha male accessory that will enable you to father multiple children, man-hug your Dad and fly a fighter jet. This is stylish and understated, and head and shoulders above any other shaving gear I’ve ever used.

*I did ask boyfriend is this was actually true and not a little bit melodramatic. “Of course it is,” he said, “it’s amazing.” So there you go.

**This was a bit awkward when I was ordering the product as boyfriend and I have the same initials and I didn’t want the people at Cornerstone to think I was ordering it to deal with my own beard…

Disclosure: we were sent this shaving set for the purposes of this review.



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  1. 7 February, 2018 / 12:03 am

    My dad does the same thing. It is a better way to shave.

    Cheers Sharon…

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