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How are you getting on with the summer holidays?

Normally I dread them, but this summer I’ve actually been enjoying them. It has helped a lot of course that I have taken a bit of time off work and don’t have that awful child/work juggling act to contend with, but I’m also really loving the little perks, like not having to get up early and not having to see the return at 3.30pm of at least half the packed lunch I so resentfully put together that morning.

“Why didn’t you eat your sandwiches?” I will ask for the 27,324th time in 19 years of parenting, resisting the urge to put my head in the oven.

“I didn’t have time,” will come the reply.

“But you had time to eat the cake?”


There are no words.

We know how I feel about packed lunches though, I don’t need to go into that again.

The downside of the school holidays is that you have to actually be bothered to entertain your small children. You can’t just stick them in front of Horrible Histories, convincing yourself that is is basically the same as taking them to a museum, and knowing it’s OK anyway as they have been doing wholesome things at school all day. You have to be the provider of said wholesomeness.

God it’s boring isn’t it? Are there any grown ups in the whole world who enjoy playing shops? I doubt it.

What you need to encourage is a nice bit of quiet drawing or colouring in; something that requires minimum input and keeps noise levels as low as possible. A spot of adult colouring in can even be soothing so long as you don’t let yourself look at the children going over the lines.

Get your kids drawing and win stuff! 

NOW TV and Nickelodeon are celebrating the launch of Nickelodeon and Nick Jr on the NOW TV Entertainment Pass by giving away free digital activity packs to everyone who shares a picture they (or their children…) have drawn of their favourite Nickelodeon character. Even better, the 50 winners will also get a Nickelodeon goody bag and a NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass. The best pictures will be chosen by a panel of judges, one of them being yours truly!

Nickelodeon NOW TV swap shop

How to enter

You’ve got until 10.30pm on August 17th to share your pictures and you can do it either tweet NOW TV or share your picture under a competition post on their Facebook page. Remember to include the hashtag #NickelodeonNOWTV.

Good luck!

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