3 top tips to make sure your visit to The Energy Show goes with a bang

How do your kids feel about science? As geeky as science has a reputation for being, it’s actually something that’s really easy to engage kids with – there are explosions, chemical reactions, mini beasts, space rockets, what’s not to love?? We’ve been to The Science Museum in London a few times and I have always loved it as much as Bee and Belle. My favourite bit is actually in the basement where you get to see home appliances through the ages. It’s not rockets, but I love the nostalgia of it.

I asked Belle what her favourite bit about science was.

“It’s the way there are actual answers,” she said. “It’s not like English where you just have to make up stories, there are actual right and wrong answers.”

I know exactly what she means. This is why I always enjoyed maths at school – I love that you can check your work in the back of the textbook and give yourself a big tick, knowing it is 100% right, with no room for subjectivity. I always liked molecular chemistry too. I am so rock and roll.

If your kids are interested in science or you are looking to spark a bit more enthusiasm for the subject, then The Energy Show at The Science Museum is definitely worth a visit. Check out this video to find out more about it:

The show is running from Tuesday 22 July – Sunday 3 August 2014 so now is the time to start planning your trip. Here are my top three tips to make sure your visit to The Energy Show goes quite literally with a bang:

Set up your schedule

I’m not saying you have to go all Monica on it and plan out every minute of your day, but do make sure you allow plenty of time for everything. Travelling across London always takes far longer than you imagine and you don’t want to be late for all the science fun times. Make sure you build in lots of time for exploring the museum as it will be busy in school holidays.

Bonus tip: Think about food too. The Science Museum does have several cafes, but these can get very busy and aren’t cheap if you are a large family. A better option could be to take your own food, as they do have picnic areas.

Plan your travel in advance

You can save an awful lot of money on travel by booking in advance and committing yourself to particular trains or coaches, so do shop around for the best deals. Don’t forget to look for extra discounts too – a Coach Card from National Express or a Family Rail Card are both good value and if you’re travelling to London you’ll probably find it pays for itself in just one trip.

Bonus tip: Kids aged under 11 can travel free on the tube and buses around London when accompanied by a paying adult, leaving you more money for the Science Museum gift shop.

Think about accomodation

Travelling with children is hard work, so it might be nicer for everyone if you can turn your visit into a mini-holiday and stay overnight. London accommodation doesn’t have to break the bank either; there are three Holiday Inns within a decent distance of The Science Museum including Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum, (less than five minutes away by car), Holiday Inn London Regents Park and Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury.

Bonus tip: Book in advance to take advantage of the Holiday Inn 21 Day Super Saver rates.

Are you a science geek? What’s your favourite science topic?

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