Value your dad this Father’s Day for the chance to win him a supercar track driving day experience

There is a week to go until Father’s Day.

What have you got for your dad this year? Something suitably thoughtful I hope? Novelty golf ball cuff links perhaps, or a pair of socks that say ‘Best Dad Ever’? Or maybe you’ll be making an emergency dash to the Father’s Day section in Sainsbury’s on Saturday evening for a chocolate orange and football mug.

Come on now, you can do better than that.

In fact, you could potentially whizz yourself straight to the position of favourite child by winning him a supercar driving day, because as you know, all dads love fast cars in the same way that they all hanker after those golf ball cuff links.

Entering is really quite fun though, as you use a valuation tool to assess your dad based on things like mileage, previous owners and optional extras. I valued my dad (who counts as having a spoiler due to his beard) and this is what they said:

Car buying serviceNot a bad valuation I didn’t think, although they didn’t say how much I could get if I wanted to part exchange.

What valuation did you get for your dad? What do you actually value most about him?

The competition is open until midnight on the 15th June so value your dad now for the chance to win.

Post written in collaboration with The Car Buying Service.




  1. Jacqueline Roberts
    8 June, 2014 / 12:10 pm

    I got a rare vintage with plenty on board. I love his bravery as he fought in the D-Day landings.

  2. catherine killen
    9 June, 2014 / 6:40 pm

    This is really funny! The kids just did Daddy and my husband was pleased to come out as ‘a class leader with plenty on board’ and my own Dad was ‘a rare vintage with plenty on board’. I value my Dad’s ability to be fair and to move on from issues quickly- a definite bonus as I work for him too! He has taught me how to keep things in perspective and to not fixate on things that won’t matter in weeks, months or years down the line. My husband is valued by us all as he works hard to support us and he brings home a sense of calm when he walks in and my own patience has long gone!

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