Christmas holiday reset

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So, the first term of the year is nearly out, and it’s about this time that the routine and all your good habits go out the window. Thrown off by the shorter days and the threat of snow, the uniforms are unpressed and everything has become just that little more stressful. As the longest term of the year you’ll probably be contending with kids who are swinging between sheer exhaustion, and massive over excitement about the impending festivities. To put it frankly you’re all likely to be a bit frazzled. It’s okay! Just get through the last few weeks of term and then you have two weeks off to do a life reset and start over in the New Year.

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Out with the old

There is no better time of year than Christmas for a clear out. Spring cleaning is passé. Instead, a good pre-present clear out is way better as you’re likely to get rid of more knowing that it will soon be replaced with newer and better things. Try not to involve your kids if they are likely to feign attachment with everything you go to stick in the charity pile. Only ask them for their input if there’s something you’re not sure if they still play with, otherwise, be ruthless. The same goes for your things – you want a nice clear home ready for Christmas and the new term, so out with the old and then…

In with the new

Over the Christmas period you will acquire lots of new things, but some things you need for the New Year are unlikely to be found in a stocking. Put aside a day in the second week of the holiday to go shopping for all you need for the new term. Battered lunch boxes, school shoes and outgrown uniforms will need to be replaced, but as cash is tight at this time of year don’t go for the most expensive options. George’s range of school shoes and uniform are very reasonable so are a good mid-year replacement option. As well as new things, start thinking about new systems you can put in place to help things run a little smoother. Be it having the kids lay out their uniform each night, or allocating time for reading every day, a little planning can go a long way. Maybe a family organiser would help?

Have fun!

Don’t spend Christmas worrying about the new term or you won’t enjoy it, and it’ll all be over too fast. Take some time out from the madness that has been the past term, and all the holiday craziness, to simply enjoy time with your kids. Once you remember why you put yourselves through the manic school runs, the forgotten homework and the overtired temper tantrums, you’ll be better equipped to deal with 2014 in a more organised manner.

Make the most of your Christmas break and enjoy every moment. Use the time to put any mishaps during the autumn term behind you and resolve to have a better spring term in the New Year. Be organised and start as you mean to go on, keeping on top of things as you go and everything should run smoothly. And if it doesn’t, reset again in the Easter!

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