REVIEW: Argos Colour Match range + take the colour personality quiz

Today we have Bee again, telling us about her first few days at university…

Moving away from home is probably one of the most nerve-racking experiences of anyone’s life, especially if you’re moving into university halls, which often unfortunately resemble a luxury prison cell.

Even though my new room is bigger than my one at home, has an en suite bathroom, a big window and is actually very nice, it was a shock knowing I had to spend most of my time in this unfamiliar flat for a year. On my first morning I woke up and realised nobody here cared what I was doing or where I was. At this point my flatmates didn’t even know I existed. I sat down on the scratchy blue carpet amongst my partially unpacked boxes and sobbed.

After mentally slapping myself round the face, I realised there were lots  things I could do to make my room seem more homely. I unpacked all my boxes and chose a proper place for everything, remembering a tidy room means a tidy mind. Next I pinned photos up on my big notice board. At first looking through them upset me even more – I missed my baby sister. But once the notice board had been thoroughly customised I sat back and admired it. I was starting to feel happier already.

University halls

Next were soft furnishings. I had bought perhaps too many cushions and blankets with me, so I covered my bed and chair with them. The best part though was my brand new striped rainbow duvet and pillowcases from the Argos colour match range.

Argos colour matchI love this range because you can take the colour personality quiz to see which colour suits you! (I got Nesters – Café Mocha, Smoke Grey and Cream). Then you simply choose one of your colours and it will display all products in this colour so you can co-ordinate absolutely everything!

Colour personality test

To add some vibrancy to my depressingly bland room I chose a lovely, fluffy 6 piece towel bale in Spots as well as my Spot and Stripe duvet set. They go perfectly together and are lovely and comfy as well as adding that extra something to my room.

Argos colour match

What colour personality are you?

Disclosure: Argos sent Bee her bedding and towels for the purposes of this review. Thank you Argos for brightening up her prison cell!



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  1. 1 October, 2013 / 3:23 pm

    It’s never easy moving into Halls. My youngest son has just done it for the second time in three years! What lovely homely touches Bee has added to her room. Love all of the cushions and bright bedding and towels. My son’s room has a double bed so we bought a new duvet but forgot the bedding! Poor love had to make do with a set of my white broderais anglais set with blue ribbon trimming to tie him over until he buys something more fitting of a 20yr old male! Hope Bee has an amazing time at uni and enjoys life in Halls. x

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