Bee puts vegan nail varnish to the test with a natural pedicure

Since Bee became a vegan, it’s not just food shopping that has become somewhat tricky. I had no idea for instance that nail varnish has fish scales in it! When we were offered a vegan pedicure then I sent Bee along to find out more…

Being a vegan is difficult because no matter how hard you try, there’s literally millions of non-vegan products you have to watch out for, from cheese (a bit of a shame) to nail varnish (also a bit of a shame).

Luckily, I got the chance to have a vegan pedicure done by Sabi. She believes in all natural beauty treatments using the least harmful ingredients possible, therefore all the products she used for my pedicure were vegan, which was amazing because I didn’t have to keep checking the labels of all the products and I could just relax.

The treatment room is light, airy and relaxing and Sabi herself is friendly and helped me feel totally comfortable and at ease, as pedicures can be a bit embarrassing if your feet aren’t very well looked after. Luckily, mine were apparently actually pretty good.

First I had my feet put in a bucket of warm water to soak with a cute little bath melt that Sabi’s friend had made, which smelled yummy. Next I had my feet scrubbed with an all natural scrub which left my feet seriously soft.

Vegan pedicure

There are a few choices of moisturiser, depending on what sort of mood you are in, which I liked because it meant I got a bit more of a say in the treatment. I chose peppermint moisturiser, for waking up your feet, which was massaged into my feet and lower legs. This part was particularly relaxing and also left my feet feeling nice and tingly.

Then I got to choose a Spa Ritual vegan polish which was difficult because they were all such nice shades and I’m not a very good decision maker. The polish came out slightly lighter than it looked on the bottle, but it was a lovely colour all the same. The polish lasted about two weeks with only a couple of chips. I was surprised that a vegan polish (without fish scales) could be as good as a standard make up counter polish.

Vegan nail varnish

Overall the experience was very relaxing, refreshing and I felt well and truly pampered. At only £16 for the express treatment and £28 for the luxury treatment, it is definitely excellent value for money and I would definitely get it done again.

Vegan nail varnish

The express treatment only takes 25 minutes, so is perfect for getting done in your lunch break if you work in the centre of Bristol. I would definitely recommend Sabi if you’re looking for an ethical, vegan pedicure.

Bee was given her vegan pedicure free of charge so that she could tell you all about it.



  1. 9 July, 2013 / 12:36 pm

    Love the colour you picked there Bee! Tres chic! I’d actually go for vegan nail polish – not because I’m vegan, but because there’s something rather grim about fish scales on your toes isn’t there? Amazing how many things we use bits of animals for really…

  2. 17 July, 2013 / 1:55 pm

    I never realised that nail polishes weren’t vegan as a rule. I’ve got a lot of nail polish & I’d never looked at the ingredients. Great colour choice too.

  3. Dibs
    27 September, 2013 / 2:58 pm

    Are there any other vegan specific make-up/beauty treatments (apart from most of lush’s stuff, which can be waaaay out of a teenager’s price range) out there?

    My 15yr old daughter seems to have taken it upon herself to let all the rule breaking overly made up girls at school know what animals went into the stuff plastered all over their faces.

    I explained that maybe isn’t wasn’t the best way of getting people’s attention to the problem, but it’s apparently worked & there’s a few girls now going to school with their natural skin tone showing for the first time in years!

    If I can arm her with details of animal free make-up products it might soften the judgemental blow – there’s nothing quite so judgemental as a 15yr old girl with mild aspergers when she’s got a bee (free-range of course) in her bonnet!

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