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I’m not great at buying clothes for Belle. She has what a fashion magazine would call a ‘capsule wardrobe’, and doesn’t really like to dress outside her slightly too small skinny jeans and favourite jumpers, worn over and over. When the people at gave Belle the opportunity to try something from their LEGO Wear range then, I was hopeful of expanding her clothing horizons.

Now I’m sure you are thinking, ‘LEGO Wear? Clothes made out of LEGO? Clothes for the little LEGO Characters?’

It turns out that LEGO Wear is a new range of kids clothes specially designed to enable them to play safely, at home or out and about. The makers of LEGO Wear have an eye for detail and make sure the clothes aren’t too tight fitting and there is no irritating seams or zips. This is perfect for us as Belle is always fiddling about and complaining about things itching her. The clothes are both sensible and pretty, with LEGO motifs or designs on them.

The concept baffled Belle at first. Even though she is a fan of LEGO, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to wear LEGO clothes. Eventually she chose the Tasja Bye Bye Rain girls short sleeve cotton t-shirt in Midnight Blue.

LEGO wear

As the website says, LEGO Wear really is the same great quality as the LEGO bricks themselves. Belle found it very comfortable, although she said it was a bit long, though I don’t think that’s the t-shirt’s fault, as she is quite small. Some of the LEGO Wear designs aren’t immediately LEGO-like, so if your child isn’t a massive fan of LEGO these are still stylish, practical pieces to buy. Alternatively, some of the clothes feature Ninjago LEGO characters, so you can LEGO up your wardrobe as much as you want.

Belle wears LEGO

Even though LEGO Wear is quite expensive, children will get a lot of use out of them and they claim to last long enough to be handed down to younger siblings. They provide a free returns bag with every order plus a handy laminated care guide so you know exactly how best to look after your items.

Overall Belle seemed to like her LEGO t-shirt and she even wore it long enough that we had a chance to wash her usual outfit of a grubby rabbit onesie.




  1. 21 May, 2013 / 4:45 am

    My daughter was given Lego wear when she was a baby and it was such lovely quality. Its a shame it was pink otherwise her baby brothers would definitely have worn it. I love the tshirt you have chosen, Belle looks lovely in it :)

  2. 23 May, 2013 / 11:06 am

    How cute! We are lucky and have several relatives that buy clothes for Liv who all have different tastes so she has quite a lot of variety, I’m sure she will soon be demanding to wear one thing over another!

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