My four favourite beauty products

“But your life is so boring,” Bee kindly pointed out to me recently, as I was trying to justify why exactly I should fall into the three quarters of people who would describe themselves as ‘medium or very happy’ with their lives.


Well, it’s true that I don’t go out every night ‘clubbing’ or whatever it is that young people do nowadays, but I do do things. Sometimes. If I’m not feeling too sleepy or anything obviously. I’m a Taurus though, and everyone knows that Taurus prefers to stay at home in the warm, bathing in melted chocolate and sipping on a cocktail. I can’t help it you see – it’s fate.

What with all the bathing and the lounging, it’s important to have the right products – things that make you feel suitably decadent. Here are my favourite four at the moment – everything you need for a relaxing (not boring) night in:

Sweet orange body scrub 
First step – bath time. I like my baths so hot that it quite hurts, and you have to hang a leg out over the side to stop yourself passing out. I suspect this isn’t terribly healthy, but I don’t do it very often. On the side of my bath at the moment is this scrub from L.oved Essentials:

"Sweet orange body scrub"

It smells divine, and I love the ethos behind the business – everything is made from quality, natural ingredients, all personally sourced by the company’s founder, Liat. After a good scrub down with this I come out of the bath soft and shiny, and ready for stage two.

Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil
If there is one thing I never skip, it’s moisturising  It could explain why I still sometimes get asked for ID buying lager in Sainsbury’s, but I’ve been wearing a facial moisturiser with an SPF15 for nearly 20 years. I don’t know if everyone does this, but I moisturise in a particular order – face, body, then hands. That’s normal right? The face is the important bit you see, so you want to do that one first with uncontaminated hands.

*whistles casually*

“What’s that smell of Turkish delight?” asked Bee when she came into the kitchen the other morning.

“It’s my face,” I said.

"Desert Rose facial oil"

I am loving this face oil from Bodhi – it feels a little bit greasy going on, (what with being an oil and all that), but absorbs really well and leaves your skin feeling really smooth. After just the first week of using it my skin tone seemed more even and looked lighter, and just more healthy, especially around the eyes.

Plus, I love the packaging. This is on of those things I keep on my dressing table in its box because it’s so pretty.

Miller and Harris body lotion
Next then, body. I’m using this:

"Miller and Harris body lotion"

I have to use it sparingly though, as I got it from the bathroom of a Hotel du Vin and can’t afford to buy another one. It smells amazing though, and the smell lasts all day too.

Burt’s Bees almond and milk handcream
And finally, for your hands, this hand cream, (which Boyfriend got me for Christmas), is basically like rubbing a bakewell tart into your hands. Don’t try eating it though, it doesn’t taste as good as it looks. (Probably…*whistles again*). 

"Burt's Bees hand cream"

And that’s that – my four favourite beauty products. I’ve just realised that most of them remind me of food. Weird. Perhaps I’d just save some money if I cut out the products and just did bathe in chocolate….


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  1. Diane Read
    23 February, 2013 / 8:28 pm

    I still haven’t been able to find the perfect Face Moisturisers, I have Combination Skin which is awkward.. Also I have a sensitivity to certain Scents, and have to try there samplers first.. Otherwise I can end up with a Migraine, I moisturise my body, usually with Vaseline Intensive Care..I know there must be a Moisturisers out there for my Face, here’s hoping.. Fingers Crossed..

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