REVIEW: Creative accessories from Petiotes

I fear that Belle is getting a little cynical.

She came home from school on Friday with the sad news that this year she hadn’t made it into the school dance troupe. “Never mind,” I said, “I’ve got you a little something to make up for it!”

She looked suspicious.

“What if I had got in?” she asked.

“Well, ” I said, caught a little off guard, “it would have been a congratulation present!”

“Did you buy it or do I have to review it?” she asked.



“Well,” I admitted, “I didn’t actually pay for it, but if I had it would have cost £35 – that’s how much I care!”

She didn’t look terribly impressed. She looked more pleased though when she actually opened it:

"Personalised cushion"

Cute isn’t it? It comes from Petiotes, a lovely little company who can personalise cushions, bags and even health record book covers! The company is owned by Laure, a French mum of two, living in London. Petiotes means ‘little ones’ in the French Provence area. Laure worked for ten years in the fashion and luxury industry before starting her own business creating unique, gorgeous products for mums and babies.

You choose the fabric, colours and name that you’d like, and you get something totally unique to you. The quality is excellent, and Belle is really chuffed with it:

"Personalised cushion"

Petiotes also sell these really clever looking stroller bags, that fit over handlebars. Unfortunately (or fortunately you could say) I’m a bit past this stage now, but they do look useful:

"stroller bag"

Belle’s personalised cushion has taken pride of place on her bed, putting her cheap Ikea cushions to shame:

"Personalised cushion"

As an aside, I just wanted to do a little close up on the bit of paper you can see stuck up on the wall next to the bed. We played ‘cut out letters to make ransom notes’ recently, and she made this, totally of her own accord:

"David Cameron"

It says ‘Pooa ya face’ and that is a little picture of David Cameron.

See the full range and choose your favourite cushion colours and designs at Petiotes


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