Christmas gifts for the girls


Can you believe it? Only five more sleeps until Father Christmas comes!

It is very exciting.

I get so excited about Christmas, that I’ve actually bought most of my presents by the beginning of December, but just in case you’re not quite as thrilled by the prospect of Christmas shopping as me, (I’m looking mainly at the men in the audience here), I’ve got some ideas for things that your wife/girlfriend will definitely want for Christmas.

I wouldn’t be Slummy single mummy if I didn’t suggest a nice bottle of gin would I? Go for something really glam looking and make sure you wrap it up nicely – no copping out with a wine bag or anything. Girls love a bit of fancy wrapping. This pink gin from Harvey Nichols is rather beautiful:

"pink gin"

“Eccentric, irreverent and innovative” apparently. The gin’s not bad either.

Every woman likes to made to feel special at Christmas, so you can’t go wrong with some lovely underwear. Think sexy and glam without the porn star edge. A wonderbra from would be perfect. Hello boys…

It feels unoriginal, but what girl doesn’t love chocolate? Seriously, there isn’t anyone. Pink gin, a great cleavage, a box of liqueur chocolates – surely that’s anyone’s recipe for a very merry Christmas?

"Liqueur chocolates"

I have actually bought myself a box of these very chocolates and given them to Belle to wrap up for me. That’s totally fine isn’t it?

An iron
You just can’t go wrong with a decent iron. A good steam function, an easy grip handle, an iron is surely what every woman wants for Christmas?


Never, I repeat never, buy your wife or girlfriend an iron as a gift. Unless you want it in your face. The same applies to aprons, oven cleaner, hoovers and pegs. Just no.

So ladies, what would your dream Christmas gift be?




  1. Nesbo
    20 December, 2012 / 3:51 pm

    I have a long list, but it mostly includes the same men that are in my ‘top five’ list, pinned to the fridge.
    Otherwise, jewellery is a good one. Booze, generally. And although you’ve slated aprons, I’d squeal with delight at anything baking-related.
    My number one prezzie would be a KitchenAid. I-shit-you-not.

    Anyone got £500 to spare?

  2. 20 December, 2012 / 6:07 pm

    Hmm, I like the Gin idea ;) I would also add nice glass to it, or maybe a whole set: lime and tonic, so that she can drink it just after all the x-mas husstle!
    My dream gift is a bag, but not just a bag, THE BAG… 2.55 :) so I think I have to be a good girl like 5 years in a row to get that one…

  3. rinsimpson
    20 December, 2012 / 11:48 pm

    “Unless you want it in your face” – hahahahaha! :D

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