REVIEW: Aveda Invati

“Have you been drinking?” Boyfriend asks. It’s nine o’clock in the morning and he is sniffing the air around me suspiciously. “I thought you smelt a bit boozy when you got home from netball last night.”

“Well I’ve had my breakfast gin and tonic obviously,” I reply, “but that’s all.”

Eventually we track the smell down to my hair. What I was smelling as an exotic blend of essential oils, Boyfriend was interpreting as the first signs of alcoholism.

For eight weeks now I’ve been trying out the Aveda Invati range of hair thickening and revitalising products:

  • "Aveda Invati"invati™ exfoliating shampoo – ‘Removes build-up that can clog pores and renews the scalp.’ – £19.50
  • invati™ thickening conditioner – ‘Restores strength and improves hair elasticity, reducing breakage.’ – £21.50
  • invati™ scalp revitalizer – ‘Helps energize and rehabilitate the scalp.’ – £43

I’ve always had annoyingly fine hair, so when this opportunity came up I jumped at the chance. (My thick, glossy hair bouncing seductively as I did.*)

Some people say I’m gullible when it comes to believing promises. I like to think of it more as trusting and open-minded. Whatever the case, I went into the trial with an open mind, hopeful that here at last would be the answer to all my glossy haired prayers.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. Although it smelled nice, and left my hair feeling silky and soft, the shampoo and conditioner did nothing to improve the thickness of my hair. Nobody noticed any difference, even after eight weeks, and I’ve yet to be approached in the street to star in a hair commercial.

This is me before:

"Before using Aveda Invati"

And here I am after:

The scalp revitaliser was the tricky bit. I followed the instructions precisely – 8 sprays on each side of the head – but it left my thin hair feeling weighed down and oily, and needing to be washed every day, where normally I can get away with just tying it back no the second day if I’m feeling a bit lazy.

However, although it may not have had much effect as a hair thickener, the shampoo and conditioner on their own were really lovely. They smelt great, and left my hair feeling really soft, shiny and in good condition. Unfortunately I really can’t justify spending over £40 just on a shampoo and conditioner just because it makes my hair feel soft.




  1. 1 December, 2012 / 3:14 pm

    that depends on size of bottle and how long it will last, I buy Aussie stuff which appears dear but it lasts forever and so per wash probably no dearer thatn the cheap stuff

  2. 7 December, 2012 / 11:37 am

    You should try the (UK) Babyliss (Australia) Vidal Sassoon (US) don’t know ? Big Hair styler – it is truly, and I kid you not, life changing ! does your hair in about 3 minutes and you look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon ! There is a video here . I really should be on commission for them as so many of my friends have bought them honestly its the bomb!

  3. Holly
    5 January, 2013 / 7:00 pm

    I too bought and tried this product and I had exactly the same results… No change in thickness at ALL!! Also I really disliked the smell and so did my bf and my whole family, they said I smelled like an old man who had a bath in cheap cologne lol. I also really disliked the shampoo I was told not to use a large amount as the formula is highly concentrated and even when I did use more than they suggested It didnt lather well. The conditioner wasnt bad and it didnt smell a strong as the other products but the scalp revitalizer also gave me the same results of dirty oily hair really quick and I found I had to re-shampoo every day instead of every 2-3 days like i usually do.
    Definetly wish I didnt waste my money on this product. Not worth the cost. I have had better results from generic hair care products found a the local pharmacy or walmart.

  4. nadiap
    5 March, 2014 / 12:52 am

    My hair was looking pretty dried out due to highlighting. I have used Aveda products for years. I need something different!! I’m glad I took the chance on Shielo products after reading the reviews! I also purchased the Shielo Restoration Oil, and it too, is fantastic. And, the big bonus… it costs less than Aveda & they have certified organic ingredients.

  5. 2 April, 2014 / 12:14 pm

    I see in this world every girl wants her hair looks beautiful through the spirit, but somewhere its not possible at all due to many understandings. I generally avoid to use chemical products or in which lots of chemical is used that’s why I am I try to use natural products always. For my hair I used always natural agent and believe it has no side effects…

  6. LS
    28 April, 2017 / 9:22 pm

    My hair was great the whole day after I washed with the shampoo and conditioner, however the next day I noticed my hair was oily again, and was kind of surprised, wondering how to manage my usual preferred 2-3 hair washes a week. But once I actually really read the directions…..THE INVATI SYSTEM IS TO BE USED DAILY. So there you go.

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