REVIEW: Scotch-Brite scourers

That’s right readers, you heard me, scourers.

I know. Sexy right? Hold onto your hat and prepare for a rollercoaster of a blog post.

"Scourers in the post"

Now obviously I’m not really interested in cleaning things, but boyfriend is always up for a bit of scourer action, so it was with him in mind that I accepted Scotch-Brite’s challenge to put their cloths and scourers to the test against a couple of other leading brands. In fact, so keen was he to help me out, that he devised a series of tests to give each product a fair trial.*

To keep any personal scourer preferences out of the equation, we weren’t told which other brands we had been sent, products were simply labelled A and B. In each case, the Scotch-Brite products were a bit more expensive, but they believe they are worth paying that little extra for.

Here’s what our tests found:

The product: Heavy duty scourer

What Scotch-Brite say: “this scourer easily shifts grease and burnt food. What’s great about it is it contains natural fibres of cellulose which are super absorbent, which is ideal for mopping up or wiping down surfaces”

"Heavy Duty Scourer"

The test: How clean can you make a baked on casserole dish in 15 seconds? (We deliberately left a casserole dish in the over after dinner to make sure it was good and baked on)

"Dirty dishes"

The results: They say a picture is worth a thousand words…


OK, so the left hand third was cleaned with scourer A, the middle with scourer B and the right hand third with the Scotch Brite scourer. Scotch Brite was definitely the winner on this one.

The product: Multi-purpose cellulose scourer

What Scotch-Brite say: “This product is non-scratch, super absorbent and it has a unique ‘wave’ shape which makes it much easier to hold and use.”


The test: Washing a casserole encrusted dinner plate

The results: There wasn’t much in this one, although we found the Scotch-Brite scourer was a bit quicker on the tough bits. Boyfriend questionned a lack of finger grips, but as he said himself ‘who uses them anyway?’ (Not me. I didn’t even know finger grips on scourers were a thing.)

The product: Sponge cloth

What Scotch-Brite say: “Scotch-Brite’s Sponge cloths are ultra-absorbent (they can hold up to ten times their own weight!). It’s also soft and flexible for mopping up all kinds of spills.”

The test: To test absorbency – how much water can you pout onto each cloth before it starts to leak out of the sides?

The results: Well, a bit of an intersting result here. Cloth A came out worst, only being able to hold 100ml. Both the Scotch-Brite cloth and cloth B held 125ml, but when you picked the Scotch-Brite cloth up to take it to the sink loads of water ran out. Cloth B held the liquid much better.

However, wiping round the surfaces with the Scotch-Brite cloth left things looking and feeling generally drier. The cloth moved more smoothly, and wiping with it felt like less effort than with the competing brands.

So there you go, that’s our Scotch-Brite tests. I told you it was going to be exciting didn’t I? I will leave you to judge whether you think Scotch-Brite is worth the extra money.

*It is at moments like these that I come over all funny and love him even more than usual. I’m not even kidding. I find this sort of thing adorable.



  1. 17 November, 2012 / 9:38 pm

    You’ve sold it to me ;)

  2. rinsimpson
    18 November, 2012 / 10:05 am

    You have such a glamorous job mate ;)

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