Three easy ways to cut your sugar intake

One of the things I love most about blogging is all the weird and wonderful events you get to go to, and the people you meet.

If it hadn’t been for Total Greek Yogurt dance class I went to for instance, I would never have met Laura Thomas, a lovely lady who has just very bravely begun a sabbatical from work to dedicate herself to her blog, Happy Sugar Habits.

Here we are, learning to tango:

"Tangoing with Happy Sugar Habits"

Today then, Laura has come over to Slummy single mummy to offer her top three simple tips for reducing your sugar intake, something I could definitely benefit from, as evident from the number of yogurt inspired muffins and flapjacks I scoffed after the dance class.

Please make her feel welcome, and if you have any tips of your own, please do feel free to add them.

Three painless ways to keep sugar in check

Ok we know sugar isn’t amazing for us but we’re not ready to go cold turkey just yet, especially with Christmas round the corner.

Unfortunately the hard facts are we’re eating too much and it’s a little bit addictive. However, it’s not all doom and banish the cupcake gloom, because there are some relatively easy ways to kick-start some happier sugar habits with minimal pain. Read on and get savvy…

1)      Suss out the lower sugar alternatives of your favourite foodstuffs.

OK so you love cereal and yoghurt for breakfast and there are times when a jar of tomato pasta sauce just sorts a quick family meal out in a rush.  The sugar in these products can vary significantly – like some manufacturers just chuck it in for fun I swear. Test and try a few till you find the lowest sugar variety you can live with.

I’ve done the standing-in-the-isle-looking-a-bit-obsessed research on cereals and yoghurts to find the low sugar sinners and saints. Tomato pasta sauce is next on my hit list – watch out Mr Grossman.

2)      Swap dried fruit for fresh

Whilst better than the Haribo, dried fruit is a bit of a killer in terms of sugar content, so opt for fresh wherever possible or even nuts as an alternative snack.

If dried fruit is fancy of the day, limit your portion and brush your teeth afterwards as it sticks to the pearly whites just as bad as a chocolate éclair.  Oh and try to siphon a few raisins out of the muesli bowl and replace with nuts – sorted ;)

A few more quick tips for reducing your sugar intake with fruit in general can be found at Happy Sugar Habits.

3)      Avoid main meals with sugar

I know that honey glazed parsnips are to die for, but in general, when eating out and about, try to avoid main courses that are made or contain added sugar. We’re talking things like honey glazed chicken, Thai food and processed supermarket fare. Making your own Thai, asking for a sauce on the side or in fact going for the steak might just save you some of your valuable sugar quota to use elsewhere.

Note: preferably not on a cheesecake…



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