Dove By You exhibition – was does Dove mean to you?

When you think of the beauty brand Dove, what does it mean to you?

If the answer is ‘nothing at all’, this post is probably not going to fascinate you to be honest. You might have more of a laugh reading this one about me getting a smear test instead. If you’re intrigued though, read on.

Dove are currently running an exhibition, exclusively for Dove facebook fans, to encourage women to showcase what the beauty brand means to them.  All you have to do is come up with a creative design that incorporates the iconic bird image and that has emotional resonance for you – from a place that inspires you, to a person who makes you feel beautiful.

"Dove bird logo"

The Dove Bird in full flight

I do use Dove products, and have ever since I was a teenager. When I think of Dove I think of something very simple and pure, and I guess it’s this purity that Dove are trying to capture. Dove’s message after all is that beauty isn’t about complicated beauty regimes and treatments, or difficult diets and layers of make-up, beauty is really about something simple – you.

Here’s a little video that tells you a bit more about the exhibition:


The personalised designs can be a photograph, drawing or graphic incorporating the Dove bird – the more creative the better.  Once digitally submitted, the designs will be showcased for fans to enjoy and ‘like’, with the most likes of each week being celebrated on the Facebook wall. The first 100 entries will receive a unique set of 10 printed postcards featuring their bespoke design to share with friends, so why not visit the Dove facebook page now and get creative?

“The Dove By You Exhibition is a chance for our loyal fans to celebrate their creativity with one another.  Real Women have always been at the heart of everything we do, and this new Facebook activity gives them a platform to show just what Dove means to them.” says Ali Fisher, Dove Marketing Manager. “For many of us, the Dove bird has been a symbol in our lives for as long as we can remember. It’s a symbol synonymous with what Dove cherishes most, the celebration of Real Women and Real Beauty.”



  1. 24 June, 2012 / 2:46 am

    Being owned by the same company as Lynx with its blatent sexualised pornified advertising of one type of ‘woman’ kind of undoes this whole campaign for me. Undermine our self esteem with one, while promoting natural diverse beauty with the other. Surely Dove could sever this tie and be affiliated with company’s that arent’ sexist if they truly want to make a difference in the body image epidemic. Just saying.

    • Patrick
      17 December, 2012 / 2:39 pm

      it may be owned by the same company, but you have to understand that the Umbrella brand does not have much say, aside from ownership of the brand name. the target audience reflect the way the brand is marketed – this is the media agency that incorporates this not necessarily the umbrella brand. Unilever as a brand, promote themselves with the same kind of traits we see on Dove brands. Also lynx is a brand which doesn’t take itself too seriously, it does not deliberately place an image on beauty, instead it plays on stereotypes with the addition of humour. Plus everyone knows that you cannot get girls by using it.

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