Disturbing picture of the day…

One of our Quality-time-family days-out over the summer holidays was to Wookey Hole – you may remember it being in the news a while ago when they advertised for a new witch. (What a job!)

We went with our friends Vicky and Ashley, and we really did have a lovely time. It’s one of those places that definitely makes the most of the space – it’s built around some caves and an old paper mill, and hats off to them for the amount of entertainment they have managed to cram in. In terms of ice-cream outlets per square foot, you certainly get value for money.

When you’ve had the tour of the caves, you come out into a slightly bizarre area dedicated to an unusual mix of fairies and dinosaurs. There is also a giant Kind Kong. It almost looks like they got loads of props in a job lot in an auction, couldn’t think what to do with them, so bunged them all together in one space.

That’s not the disturbing picture though…

In one corner of the dinosaur-fairy-King-Kong display they had a prehistoric family, where you could put in your head and pretend to be cavemen. It was kind of cute when Belle and Ashley did it.

Not so cute when Vicky and I did it. As soon as I put my head in, Bee practically wet herself laughing. “Oh My God! Mummy that looks just like you!” I like to think I am a little bit more shapely around the waist, but otherwise it does bear a worrying resemblance. It felt wrong. It was basically me standing naked in a loin cloth in the middle of a family amusement park:

Wookey Hole cavewoman

I feel slightly sordid now.

Great caves though.



  1. 8 September, 2010 / 1:54 pm

    Oh you are braver than me, Mr L would have probably said the same thing. He would have laughed out loud as well. Looks like you had fun though xxx

    • 8 September, 2010 / 2:00 pm

      Brave or stupid, not sure which! I probably should have mentioned that my stomach is also covered in stretch marks – lucky cavewoman seems to have escaped those :-)

  2. 8 September, 2010 / 1:58 pm

    Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

    Maybe next year for your birthday you should have a Flintstones themed party :)

    • 8 September, 2010 / 2:53 pm

      I think the burlesque theme last year put enough people off – asking them to come topless might be one step too far…

  3. 8 September, 2010 / 1:59 pm

    That’s a fantastic picture. I might just forward it to my nephew and see if that can’t persuade him to visit Wooky Hole; he refused to go this summer because he’d heard about the witch. Subsequently, my mum took him to the zoo instead. I don’t think there were such good photo ops there though ;-)

    • 8 September, 2010 / 2:54 pm

      They had loads of them – he could be a mermaid, a sea king, caveman… more options than you can shake a prehistoric club at.

    • 8 September, 2010 / 2:52 pm

      The confusion lies in the fact that behind the model, I AM naked.

  4. 8 September, 2010 / 3:22 pm

    I remember visiting wookly hole as a child – but nothing like that – those images really cracked me up – good on your for posting them

    • 9 September, 2010 / 9:13 pm

      If nothing else, my body is good for a laugh :-)

  5. maryfclark
    8 September, 2010 / 7:47 pm

    Pretty good boobs for a cave-lady, I think. Unless…damn…is that you, or are you the other one? this is not going well. I will stop now. I did like the pictures. I think it is important for our kids to see us looking like twats, in order to know and learn that photos/events like this don’t necessarily have to define us– do they?

    • 9 September, 2010 / 9:18 pm

      Lol – I am the woman – I don’t secretly have the body of a man!! That would be disturbing. I like to think I make myself look like a twat regularly for the sake of my kids. It’s the same with hangovers – I deliberately drink too much to provide them with an anti-binge-drinking message…

  6. 8 September, 2010 / 8:17 pm

    That is so funny – and even more so because you’re naked behind it :) . I am laughing out loud here. Great post…

    • 9 September, 2010 / 9:19 pm

      Lol, Belle told me to wear clothes, but would I listen? Stubborn to the end.

  7. 9 September, 2010 / 6:56 pm

    Fabulous. And for a minute I thought that last picture was real!

    • 9 September, 2010 / 9:24 pm

      Haha! I have that split second every time I look at it, that’s why it freaks me out so much!

  8. 9 September, 2010 / 9:01 pm

    I can’t believe that wooky hole is still going – that’s a real blast from my childhood (and yes those pictures are … ahem… interesting)

    • 9 September, 2010 / 9:25 pm

      Yep, still going strong! I remember it from visiting as a kid too, and there is loads more too it now – they have really gone to town!

  9. 12 September, 2010 / 7:50 am

    Wass’t the witch on X-Factor last night? Or was I dreaming…?

    • 12 September, 2010 / 4:31 pm

      We saw that too! Belle shouted ‘Mummy!! It’s the Wookey Hole witch!!’ – I need to get myself on youtube for a clip and compare faces…

  10. Your Sister
    14 September, 2010 / 12:52 pm

    Oh My!

    That is amazing. I haven’t laughed so much since ‘Theo The Foetus’ was named.

    Clearly why you won last night xxx

    • 14 September, 2010 / 7:21 pm

      That and I slept with the judges obviously.

  11. Ian Wells
    19 April, 2014 / 6:29 pm

    Delayed reaction! That last picture- you look great like that. I expect your husband wants you to dress like that at home all the time these days! Can I come round for tea?

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