REVIEW: Hello Fresh!

This week we’ve been eating what my children like to call ‘real meals’, thanks to a new food delivery service from Hello Fresh.

Quite frankly, I think my inspired pasta dishes count as ‘real meals’, but apparently just mixing up pasta with whatever you happen to have left in the fridge doesn’t count as cordon bleu. What do they know?

Still, I have to admit that there is something satisfying about using Actual Ingredients, and following a recipe. It’s not my normal style, mainly because recipes are usually so expensive. You may only need a handful of chopped fresh coriander, but you can’t buy it by the handful can you? You end up spending out loads just to get a teaspoon each of five weird herbs you don’t have and will never use again.

This is why Hello Fresh is so good. Not only do they send you the recipes, but they send you all the ingredients you need, in just the right amounts. Costs are kept to a reasonable level, you aren’t left with an almost full bottle of red wine vinegar sitting in the back of your cupboard for the next five years, and you get lots of cute things in mini packets. It’s really very sweet.

"Hello Fresh"

Om nom nom

This week we ate a yummy fresh prawn linguine, a smoked mackerel, new potato and green bean salad, and a couscous dish with chicken, chorizo, salad leaves and courgettes.

They were all delicious, although the couscous dish did make us a bit farty…

It’s not cheap of course, but the quality of the ingredients really was superb – the meatiest, most flavoursome prawns I’ve ever tasted – and with free delivery and no waste I reckon it’s pretty good value for money. So much so, that I’ve actually placed a regular order. Recommendations don’t come better than that.

Bon appetit!


4 comments on “REVIEW: Hello Fresh!

  1. lisbeth says:

    Mmm that DOES sound good.

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  3. Wendy says:

    I have had a very bad experience with Hello Fresh. They have twice charged me for deliveries that never made it to my house, they did refund me eventually, but it took many many many emails and calls to get my money refunded. They had the audacity to suggest that they would compensate me by crediting me account, with me money mind you, and delivering me a box paid for with that credit in the future. As if I would, after twice not having the service I paid for delivered, leave my money on account with this company. I can not comment on the quality of the food as they can not even get the very basic food delivery portion of their service right, the very premise that their business is based on. Shame on you Hello Fresh for such poor delivery of your service and even worse customer service.

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