Mistakes to avoid when moving house

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Moving house is no easy task, especially when you have a whole family to think about. Not only do you have all of your items, but you also have the kid’s items too, as well as needing to organise the move itself with your family in tow. When you move house, the stress you will endure is inevitable. Unfortunately, it is not something that you can just ignore. However, there are a lot of things that you can do to help yourself and make it much less stressful. When moving house, there are bound to be a lot of surprises and things that you could not foresee happening. To help you on your journey, here are some of the biggest mistakes that people make, so that you can avoid them and ensure that your house move goes a lot more smoothly. 

Not seeking support 

Seeking support when you move house is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. While you might be capable of doing it alone, it is important to put the Ego aside and make life easier for you and your family, but seek support. Support can come in many forms, from asking for help from your friends and family to seeing the support of professional companies and contractors. Many people will enlist the help of a moving company to assist on the day, in addition to a storage unit to help tie them over until moving day. 

Not separating your essentials

It is easy when you move, to make the mistake of just chucking everything into boxes. While this makes the packing-up process pretty quick and painless, it will sting you later down the line. You should make sure that you separate all your essential items. This means that you can pack nice and early, and you don’t have to try and pack and move on the same day. It works because you can pack all the big and unnecessary items away ready to go, and just leave out things you will need, such as your sleepwear, clothes, and other essentials to get you through the couple of days until the move. The last thing you want to do is hunt around boxes to find items that you need in the middle of a move. That will add more stress, and delays and make the process very messy and time-consuming. 

Not measuring doorways 

A very easy mistake to make is to not measure the doorways of your current home, and the home you are moving to. This is a common mistake and often not thought of by homeowners. However, if you don’t take measurements, then you might find yourself stuck on a moving day with large items that you cannot get out of your property, or into the new one. Doorways are pretty standard size, but they do differ, even just a few centimetres, which can make the world different with large items such as bed frames and sofas. 

Moving house is already a stressful process. Consider these top tips to make sure you avoid big mistakes and make the process as smooth as possible for you and your family.


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