How to keep your car safe with a GPS tracker

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I had lunch yesterday with a friend (boast) and she was telling me a story about her son’s car. He lives in residential care and has carers that drive him in his car. What these carers apparently didn’t realise though was that my friend has trackers on it so she can check in on where her son is and what the carers are doing with the car. Last week she discovered that one of them had been driving her son up the motorway at 93 mph. She reported him and he was promptly sacked.

It was a shocking story about what this carer was happy to do when they thought no one was watching, and one of the many benefits to fitting your car with a GPS car tracking device. Of course not everyone has such a specific set of conditions as my friend, but anyone who owns a car risks that car being stolen. If someone were to make off with your car, wouldn’t it be great to know that you could easily find out where it was?

The PAJ GPS car tracker is incredibly easy to set up and uses a simple app to allow you to keep track of your car. Within the app there are a range of cool features including of course live tracking – this is the information that you can share with the police should the worst happen and your car be stolen. You can also set up a geo-fence so that are alerted any time your car goes within a certain zone. Another great feature is the route history option – this allows you to see where you’ve been and the distances you’ve covered in the last year.

PAJ doesn’t just make car trackers mind you, they have a whole range of tracking products that would be super useful for loads of people. Pet trackers for instance – if your dog goes for walks off-lead and tends to run off out of site then it would be great to know exactly where they were the whole time. It could also add an extra layer of protection and reassurance against the possibility of your pet getting lost or being stolen.

As well as protecting your car from theft, I’m sure there are loads of other uses for a car tracker. Perhaps you share you car with teenage children and you want to make sure they’re going where they say they’re going? Or maybe you use your car for business and the route history is useful for you to work out your mileage for the tax year?

What I really want to know though is this: Is it worth me getting a GPS tracker for my car just so that I remember where I parked it in a large car park? I suspect it might be.


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