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There comes a time in a family where you feel like you have bought All Of The Christmas Gifts. Do you know what I mean? Like you’ve thought of all of the things people would like, bought them for them, and really none of you need anything anymore.

There are a couple of ways you can go with things when you hit this point – you can give up and agree that you don’t need presents anymore OR you can start buying personalised towels with your dog on them.

I know which way I’m going.

Personalised Christmas gifts

I didn’t wait until Christmas to take this round to my mum’s house and give it to her partner Mitch.

Mitch LOVES Mako – I’m not exaggerating when I say he loves her more than any human – and every Christmas so far we’ve given him a calendar full of pictures of her. He always puts a towel down on the sofa for Mako, so this was the absolute perfect gift for him.

Mako had a quick look, clearly understood what was expected, and settled in.

Personalised photo gifts

(Mako is also modelling a Halloween bandana that Belle crocheted for her. Mitch was less keen on this.)

Asda do such a wide range of personalised photo gifts – you don’t have to stick to personalised towels and you’re not obliged to put a picture of Mako on anything, although let me know if you’d like me to send you any as she IS adorable. They have all the usual things like calendars and canvases and cushions and mugs but they also do a few bits that I’ve not seen anywhere else, like a personalised photo memory game.

Yep, you can now capture special family memories forever in a game that you can cherish and play at family get togethers for years to come. OR you can mix things up and include some the worst pictures of everybody and have a jolly good laugh at their expense. I didn’t exclude myself either. I’ve always taken a lovely photo, as you can see:

Personalised pairs game Asda

Photo pairs game Asda

I especially like how my mum and Mako are making the exact same expression in this one.

None of these Asda photo gifts are expensive, but they’re cute and fun and they mean something. If you’re struggling to know what to get for people for Christmas this year then why not create your own family photo game, or maybe a family photo jigsaw for everyone to get stuck into on Boxing Day over a tin of Roses and a tub of Twiglets?

Asda personalised photo gifts



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    Wow, they are so cute!

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