QuietOn 3.1 noise cancelling sleep earbuds

I was sent a pair of QuietOn 3.1 active noise cancelling sleep earbuds as a gift – all thoughts my own

This week I had a package arrive. I love any kind of package at the best of times, but this one has the potential to change my life. That sounds like a big claim, but if my new QuietOn 3.1 sleep earbuds can improve my sleep then that would be a real game changer for me.

Version 3.1 is QuietOn’s best earbud yet. They are teeny tiny, with a great fit, so good for side sleepers who might find other kinds of earbuds uncomfortable. They have a long battery life and recharge in their own cute little case, so are brilliant for travelling and sleeping on planes or trains.

QuietOn review

Before I had children I used to sleep well. And by well I mean the sleep of a corpse. My mum and sister would often worry I had actually died, as no amount of shaking and shouting would wake me up. I would fall asleep at about 9pm and wake up again 10 hours later.

Then I had children, and it was like a part of my brain sent out a message to the rest of my body saying ‘listen up guys, there’s a kid now, you know what that means don’t you? One ear open at all times. No slacking on the job, you never know when there might be a jaguar lurking behind the bathroom door.’

That was nearly 28 years ago and I reckon I could count on two hands the number of times since then that I’ve slept solidly all the way through the night. It seems that no matter how much lavender spray I douse my pillows with, how often I change my pillows, I just can’t get it right. (The good news is that I have a brand new Simba mattress on its way soon, which I am confident is going to definitely help. At the moment my old mattress has formed a sort of pit in the centre, which I’m not sure is conducive to well-supported sleep.)


I’m not saying it’s your FAULT exactly if your mum doesn’t sleep well now, but perhaps a pair of QuietOn earbuds could make a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift?

QueitOn 3.1 review

Your mum, sleeping well at last.

Perimenopause has taken my poor sleep to a whole new level, with the tiniest crumb suddenly feeling like someone stabbing me in the thigh and my frozen shoulder meaning I wake up yelping in pain every time I roll over.

(Side pet peeve – a male physiotherapist told me that frozen shoulders are most common in women aged 40-55 but, despite oestrogen being a key part of joint maintenance, there is apparently no science linking frozen shoulders to perimenopause. There is minimal research because people don’t care as much about women’s health issues. My step-mum had a frozen shoulder at my age and her GP told her – NO JOKE – that it was common in women her age because of reaching behind us to put our handbags in the back of the car.)

I digress.

One really important part of how well you sleep is how well you can cancel out noise. For me nowadays that’s the noise of the dog moving about downstairs, chewing on bits of antler, and the cats trying to tunnel into my bedroom through the carpet on the landing in the hope that I will give them breakfast at 3am. Thank God I sleep alone honestly, because if I still had the boyfriend who snored so loudly you could hear him three storeys up through closed doors then I may be currently serving a prison sentence.

I’m really hoping then that my new QuietOn 3.1 noise cancelling sleep earbuds can help to at least bring the noise element of my sleep a little bit under control.

How do QuietOn 3.1 sleep earbuds work?

It’s magic! Okay, so not magic. Science. There’s no noise masking or additional sound with QuietOn earbuds, or magic wands sadly, instead it’s a clever technology that creates opposing waveforms to nullify low frequencies (like snoring and traffic rumbling). Here’s a sciency looking diagram to explain it:

How do QuietOn earbuds work?

See? Science lesson complete.

However they work is by the by, the important thing is that they could be a great addition, alongside the magnesium supplements, iron tablets and endless ‘pillow sprays’*, to my sleep arsenal. If I can just get a good night’s sleep and build back up my energy reserves then who knows what I can do!

Get yourself (or your mum) a pair of QuietOn 3.1 noise cancelling sleep earbuds now and you could bag yourself a brilliant night’s sleep.

*Has anyone ever found a pillow spray helps them sleep? Why do we keep buying them?



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