Tips for building a jewellery collection – dainty rings to chunky bangles

How to start a jewellery collection

The ideal accessory to complete an outfit is often a simple or an elegant piece of jewellery – it could be anything from a chunky silver statement necklace to a stack of gold rings. It’s essential that you have a jewellery collection as it can be a good investment. Imagine putting together an outfit only to realise that the pieces you have don’t match your gorgeous outfit. That is one of the reasons you need a variety of jewellery. When it comes to fashion and style, wearing an amazing piece can add personality and make you stand out. If you have been wondering how to build a jewellery collection, here are some tips to help you. 

  • Discover your style

Before you start purchasing, you need to be sure of your style. If you are still trying to figure that out, think back on the type of jewellery that always catches your eye or the ones you like wearing the most. If colourful and eccentric pieces are your style, invest in good quality ones and stay consistent when the seasons change. If classic or dainty pieces make you happy, stick with them to bring out the happy and confident part of you. You want to ensure your personality and style are well-represented in your jewellery collection. 

  • Consider your skin tone 

The last thing you want is to purchase jewellery that doesn’t look good on your skin tone. To avoid this, try on the jewellery or do extensive research to determine the best suit for your complexion. If your skin has warm undertones, gold jewellery will look divine on you. However, silver is suitable if you have a cool or blue undertone, which is normally characterised by your blue or green veins. People with neutral skin tones can have the best of both worlds: silver and gold! Attention to such details will make you look polished anytime you reach out for a price in your collection. 

  • Don’t compromise on quality 

To build a long-lasting collection, you can not compromise on quality. It would be unfortunate to invest in pieces you have to replace in a few months. Buying quality pieces (and looking after them with the help of a good watch cleaning kit and ultrasonic jewellery cleaner) will help you save money and time. You can opt for solid gold, sterling silver, or diamonds. Gold or silver-plated and stainless jewellery isn’t bad if the real metals are beyond your budget. It might seem like a big splurge when you collect fine and quality jewellery, but it is a small fortune compared to the benefits you will reap later. 

  • Choose timeless pieces 

Timeless jewellery pieces will keep you trendy and iconic no matter the times you are in. Investing in them can give your outfits the versatility they need. Some timeless must-have pieces include a statement ring and a classic watch with leather straps or pearls. Pearls offer a sophisticated and classic touch to any outfit. Whether you settle on a necklace or a pair of pink pearl earrings, you will radiate elegance. 

Building a collection does not have to be complicated. You can start collecting and wearing beautiful jewellery pieces with these tips and the right jeweller.


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