Preparing UK Businesses for Growth: How to Scale Up Your Operations

How to grow your business

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? The UK is one of the most competitive business environments in the world, and any business looking to succeed needs to be prepared for growth. A poll at the end of 2021 saw nearly 80% of small businesses looking to grow in the UK during 2022 (Airwallex). However, 2022 saw a massive boom and exceptional; growth in airport operations sectors (47.2%), Various travel sectors, including travel agency services and global cheese manufacturing! (source: IbisWorld).

Despite the shaky year economy-wise, for businesses looking to pave the way for growth in 2023, the following tips can help them get started.

Outsource Critical Operations

You may be surprised to learn that many high-growth businesses outsource vital operations. In fact, statistics show that only 17% of UK companies have never actually outsourced anything. As a business owner, you will want to examine which operations you should consider outsourcing. It might make sense to outsource areas where costs are rising and your business doesn’t have the resources to keep up. Consider outsourcing areas where you have little to no expertise, as this will give your the most significant support and results. Identify your core business and any areas crucial to its success, and then identify how outsourcing will help you.

Hire The Right People

Hiring the right team members is crucial when scaling up your operations. However, it can be a challenge to find suitable candidates. It’s not enough to post the job and wait for applications to come in. You need to find candidates and target the right people proactively. You will want to conduct thorough interviews and include pre-employment tests. It can be helpful to bring in a third party to evaluate your interview questions before making a final decision. You will also want to ensure that you have an employment contract outlining expectations and responsibilities. A hr service can help you with any support your requirements for employees during their time with your company to ensure you are in the best place to carry through with your expansion plans.

Have Your House In Order

Before you scale up your operations, you want to ensure your house is in order. Basically, this means you need to ensure that you can manage and cope with demands already in place on your business and have the capacity to take on more. This could include having task management software to keep track of critical items in real-time, you have the correct size properties to take on more stock to fulfil orders, having your website set up for increased demand, or you have the connections, suppliers and employees to carry out your plans going forward.

Refine Your Goals

As your business scales up, you should refine your goals. This is entirely normal, but it can be helpful to ensure that your goals are specific and measurable. They should also include a timeline and an action plan for achieving them. You will want to ensure that your goals align with your business’s needs. This is especially important if your business is growing rapidly. You will want to avoid getting caught up in the day-to-day activities and ensure your goals reflect what matters most for your business.


Scaling up your operations is an exciting step in your business journey. It can be tricky, though, and you will want to be sure that your business is ready for the next level. These tips can help you prepare for the next phase in your company’s development and hit the ground running.


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