How to choose the perfect log cabin for your garden

log cabin for the garden

Wondering if you should buy a log cabin for your garden? If you have a large one, installing a small cabin is the perfect way to add storage space, create a new room or office, or simply an area to relax while you’re closer to nature. One of the biggest log cabin advantages is their versatility: depending on what you want, you can have a space that perfectly suits your needs. Our article lets you know more about log cabin purposes, their benefits and what to consider when choosing one. 

One of the most common uses for log cabins is storage. It is not only perfect to keep all kinds of garden tools, outdoor furniture during the winter or other items that benefit from being closer to the garden, but also to store other belongings you have in your house, thus adding more space and comfort at home.

Another common use for log cabins is as a garage. But the list can go on and on. Log cabins can serve as a room for your guests, giving them more privacy, a playroom for children or even a home office. With the trend of remote and hybrid work, having a dedicated workspace at home is one of the main reasons why people are buying more log cabins. After all, installing your home office in a log cabin gives you a space away from the house noise, improving your focus whether you’re working or studying. This room can also be dedicated to your hobbies or leisure.

Now that you know some of the main purposes of log cabins, you can move to the next stage: choosing one. There are many options, especially when it comes to size and capacity. The smallest usually measure four to ten square metres and can store garden utensils or others. But there are larger ones, up to forty square metres or more, and you can give them various uses as extra rooms.

When choosing a log cabin, you should have a few aspects in mind. A lot of them come with wood treated with fungicide and insecticide products, which are also made to resist humidity. However, they are also sold untreated, and those need to be varnished and given fungicide treatment to avoid pests and deterioration. This is especially important if you live in a place with high humidity.

Some companies provide transport and installation services, and those can free your mind from additional concerns. However, if you feel like you are up for the task of assembling your cabin on your own, you should know that they should be placed on stable ground, and about half a metre away from any hedges and trees to avoid humidity or other problems. Usually, log cabins come with simple wooden panel mounting systems that are quick to assemble. Both in assembling and maintenance, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Periodically, log cabins will need some treatment to prevent them from damage, or even a coat of varnish or paint.

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