Review: Birthstone bangles from Lily Blanche

Includes gifted items from Lily Blanche personalised jewellery

Last night at Brownies we talked about jobs and careers and the kind of things that the girls might want to do when they grow up. There were a lot of ambitions involving baking and animal rescue, but a good mix of more unusual things too like deep sea divers and archaeologists.

When it got to my turn, I said that when I grow up I’d like to be a detective. I didn’t have the chance to elaborate, but if I had, it would go something like this…

I would be freelance, obviously. I don’t want to be faffing about reporting to anyone or having to do boring paperwork. I will take on cases that I find intriguing, rather than just those that are well paid. I will be like Poirot in that respect, noticing the odd way a man peels an orange and instructing my assistant to follow him while I recline on a sun lounger with a cold drink to Think Things Through.

I will probably ride a bicycle with a basket, although bikes do scare me a bit, and I will definitely have a LOT of jingly bangles. They’ll be the sort of bangles I have collected over the years either on my adventures or as gifts from suitors. I will have been proposed to at least four times in this fantasy, but I will have always turned them down because they will have wanted to take care of me and buy me houses and I can’t bear to part with my hand built canal barge and collection of plants.

The bangles will jingle together as I ride through the woods on the trail of a suspect, silenced temporarily with a woolly sleeve if I’m doing anything particularly stealthy. Otherwise they will be a permanent fixture, reaching further and further up my wrists the older I get.

None of this has happened yet, although I feel it’s just a matter of time now that I have not one but two Lily Blanche bangles. They are exactly how I imagine my mature lady detective bangles to be – that sort of hammered gold vibe that looks homemade and expensive.

birthstone jewellery

The added loveliness with these bangles is that they have beautiful birthstones attached for extra jingliness. I have to confess that neither are actually my birthstone, I just chose my favourite colours, but that’s the kind of sassy detective I am, not bound by convention.

I have one amethyst, which is the February birthstone, and one garnet, because how can you not love that deep red colour? I already have the cocktail ring from the Lily Blanche garnet jewellery range, so now I can match with that too and be extra sophisticated.

birthstone bangles

Whether you’re wooing a budding detective or just doing your Christmas shopping, I think these bangles would make a really beautiful present, especially as you can personalise them with the birthstones and they come in a variety of wrist sizes. Lily Blanche do a huge range of jewellery, so there is lots to choose from if you’re stuck for festive gift ideas, and they come in a lovely presentation box with a ribbon. It’s hard not to feel spoilt if you’re given a box with a ribbon.

And in the meantime, I’m ready to go. All I need now is a mystery to solve, and perhaps to pump up my bike tyres.

gold bangle



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