How to get a good night’s sleep with QuietOn

I was gifted these noise cancelling earbuds from QuietOn. All opinions my own.

On Thursday morning I am off on the first leg of a two month long tour. That sounds terribly fancy, like I might actually be famous or something, so I should hastily add that it’s not my tour – I’m just the host for Gill Sims.* I say ‘just the host’ but really it’s a pivotal role right? I’m sure Michael Parkinson wouldn’t call himself just a host, and obviously that’s the sort of interview skills we’re going to be looking at it, given that I’ve never done it before.

(Can you tell from that slightly frantic introduction that I’m a bit nervous??)

*Takes a deep, soothing breath*

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been making packing lists and bulk buying dog food and fretting about Belle and obviously taking on more work than I can physically fit in, and it’s all going fine, tra la la la la. One of the things on my packing list is, rather conveniently, a nifty product I’ve just been sent to try out from QuietOn – the QuietOn 3 active noise cancelling earbuds.

They come in this dinky little carry case – isn’t it adorable?

QuietOn noise cancelling earbuds

One of my biggest worries about the tour, aside from the obvious concerns like making a fool of myself on stage and drinking too much and having to be Parkinson with a hangover, is sleep. Sleep doesn’t exactly come easily to me at the best of times, and since having children – i.e. the last 27 years – I’ve been a light and restless sleeper, easily woken by small noises. This is fine of course when your kids are babies and you need to be alert for lions and what not, but when one is 19 and the other doesn’t even live at home anymore, it feels like a bit of a pointless skill.

Sleeping away from home can be even worse – I’m always alert for new noises, and traffic can be a real issue. I like sleeping with the window open and can do this at home because we live somewhere quiet, but away from home, in large cities, I’m not going to be waking up to birdsong and a babbling brook am I?

(Note we don’t have a babbling brook at home, I’d just like one.)

Well, I don’t need to worry about that now do I? Thanks to QuietOn I should be looking at quiet, restful sleep whichever Premier Inn I rock up at. 

Here are a few of the things that make QuietOn 3 active noise cancelling earbuds super cool:

They are ACTIVE noise cancelling. That means that they block out a hell of a lot more noise than regular foam earplugs, especially in the lower frequencies – think low, rumbling traffic noise and snoring especially. Active noise cancelling technology works to reduce unwanted sound by adding another sound specifically made to cancel it out. The QuietOn 3 earbuds use a microphone to sample the sound, and a speaker to create a phase-shifted sound that cancels the original sound. (Isn’t that clever? I did not know that was how it worked until now!)

They’re small, easy to wear and ergonomically designed especially to make them comfortable to wear while you sleep – so much smaller than typical music headphones.

You could use them for other times, like when you need to focus in an open plan office or want to tune out the noise from commuting or travelling. (Or parenting.)

They come with four interchangeable foam tips of different sizes, to create the perfect fit however wide your ear canal.

They come in the cute little carry case, (see above), which also doubles as a charging case – how cool is that? You charge the case and then that in turns charges the earbuds. The battery life is around 28 hours on a single charge and the case will charge the earbuds three times over without being plugged in. The little lights on the side keep you updated on the charging situation.

QuietOn noise cancelling earbuds review

So there we go, that’s my sleep for the next couple of months sorted, now I just need to pack, learn the whole show and get to Glasgow on time – hoorah!

Find out more about how QuietOn 3 active noise cancelling earbuds can help you get a better night’s sleep here.


*Tickets still available for over 30 locations UK wide – roll up roll up get your tickets here!


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