Prompt Plumbing – Telltale Signs You Need An Emergency Plumber

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Plumbing issues cannot always be helped, and when they happen unexpectedly with immediate attention required – it’s not very pleasant. For many homeowners, it’s hard to know what needs to escalate to an emergency plumber and what can be tinkered with and fixed yourself. If you’re not wanting to risk your home and the subsequent cost the damage will incur, here are some telltale signs you can look out for and call an emergency plumber if and when they appear. 

You can smell gas

A quality emergency plumber Melbourne has seen and can fix it all, including gas appliance issues. With the toxicity found in gas and the chance for more sinister outcomes like explosions and fires – smelling gas is absolutely a telltale sign and one that should be acted upon immediately. An emergency plumber will be able to inspect all gas appliances and detect the origin of the leak. Before your plumber gets to you, turn off all gas appliances and make sure you open windows and doors so that you are letting in air to clear your airways and providing a workable space for your plumber to fix the problem. 

Blocked sewer

Yes, this is as awful as it sounds but fortunately not too common. If you can smell sewer in your bathroom and home, check to see if sewage is coming up through your drains. The smell and/or signs of sewage in the drains are a telltale sign of a blocked sewer and will need to be looked at by an emergency plumber. In some cases, the block may be partial and you could risk waiting for a standard plumber between business hours, but when it starts to come through the drains in your bathroom and shower… you want to know it is being fixed. 

Leaking pipes

Leaking piles might sound mild, but not when they elicit gushing water from a number of points in your pipeline. In a few minutes, your hardwood floors and carpets can be completely drenched, not to mention your belongings. Call an emergency plumber when this occurred and turn off your water main while you await their arrival. You can also use towels to block the spouting water until it slows down, but be careful to not put too much pressure on the pipes. The plumber may find that your pipes need to be tightened or they could need to be replaced entirely, whatever they suggest consider making the investment as you don’t want t be calling an emergency plumber every few months.

No water, or no hot water

If your house of business is not getting any water from any of the taps, showers or baths, it could be a telltale sign that there is a major problem with your water line or a significant leak. Whatever the determining factor, you will want to call an emergency plumber so that you can have access to your water. It might not feel urgent as there is no catastrophe happening in your home, but this could be a signalling a bigger issue and you will need to have water sooner than you think for drinking, cooking and showering.

You may feel a little dramatic in calling an emergency plumber when you have no hot water, but this is well and truly justified and a serve all emergency plumbers provide. Once again, it might be a sign of a bigger issue, but even if it is not – you are entitled to hot water! If you have children, a cold shower and bath can be a hard sell, so call to discuss your options if this occurs.

Here are a few of the most common issues that warrant a call out from an emergency plumber. There is no harm in calling a plumber to discuss the issue and whether or not it can be fixed or wait until a standard plumber can arrive, if only for peace of mind.


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