Cool Activities You Can Do in Your Backyard

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camping in the garden

Why spend the money on a fancy camping spot in the middle of nowhere surrounded by other people? Do you want to spend your weekend driving with the kids from one location to the next, refereeing arguments and playing endless games of “I Spy”? Maybe it’s the thought of packing up all the gear required for a camping trip and hauling it from one place to the next. Whatever the reason you are against camping in normal circumstances – why not turn your backyard into the place to be?

You can set up different stations with various activities and turn your weekend around. These fun weekends with your family will cement your bond and give not only yourself but your children a memory that will last a lifetime. There are so many things that you could do in your backyard that are both educational and fun while getting the entire family on board!

Want to find out some of these activities and interested in saving money but still making memories? Then keep reading!

Obstacle Course

Want to burn your kid’s energy out a little before they come back into the house? Looking to get them moving and active so they don’t develop bad, lazy habits during the summer? Then you might want to look into building an obstacle course in your backyard.

Using scrap wood and other required materials, build your kids an obstacle course that comes complete with a rock-climbing wall, a rope swing set frame, an observation deck and more. Look up DIY blueprints online for the best ideas and the easiest way to go about constructing an obstacle course.


One of the coolest things you can do in your backyard is camp out under the stars and become a part of Mother Nature. Set up a couple of tents in your backyard complete with sleeping bags and pillows; teaching your children safety and responsibility by allowing them to set up their own tent.

Once the daylight is gone, light a bonfire and start the assembly line for homemade s’mores. Use this opportunity to teach your children about fire safety and how to build a safe fire. Set a ground rule that no one is allowed in the house except for bathroom breaks and dim the inside lights to mimic nature in the dark. You can even string lights through the trees to invoke the night sky and their twinkling stars. Have flashlights available and see who can tell the scariest story without flinching; awarding a prize for the most elaborate story.


There is nothing better than having your own hideout as a kid and the best way to keep them in your line of sight is to build a treehouse in your backyard. They can keep their treasures in there and have meetings for their secret clubs. Use old blankets and pillows to create a cozy haven for your kids and weather permitting – allow them to sleep out there with their friends for the ultimate experience.

treehouse in the garden

Maintenance of Your Backyard

Regardless of what cool activity you decide to set up in your backyard or if you set up a combination of things – it is important to give your backyard a little TLC before the winter sets in. The constant foot traffic and activity stations can be hard on the grass and on your garden beds as potential contaminants are everywhere.

Use a combination of mulch and compost to fertilize your garden beds, giving them a much-needed boost in terms of nutrients and protection. These add-ons to your garden beds acts as a barrier between your garden beds and the rest of Mother Nature.

Use a fertilizer on your lawn to supplement the grass and offer it the needed vitamin boosts to make it through the winter. Use it as directed and to read more about how a lawn fertilizer can help you; click here.


Children don’t understand the concept of money and how certain things can be a shock to your financial system when things aren’t going right. While money is put away for school field trips and whatnot; it can be hard to come up with the dollars required to take your children somewhere every single weekend. The cost of the gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, food, supplies and the entrance fee can quickly total up and not be that fun to pay.

That is why turning your backyard into an activity filled place is a great idea. It’s close to home (literally), you are able to allow your children some freedom and independence (because you are right inside) and it’s something that they can re-use over and over. As they grow, update the activities and make it more suitable to their age. They can have friends over, sleepovers in the backyard under the stars and more, allowing you to give them the best childhood you possibly can.


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