11 super cool Twitter accounts to follow

Bored of the same old rubbish twitter accounts? Find yourself aimlessly scrolling through your timeline day after day, muting randomers and feeling your brain slowly start to shut down? You need to revamp your following list with some educational, powerful and hilarious accounts.

Here are 11 super cool Twitter accounts you should follow:


This one is obviously me. I am great. Please follow.



This account is really simple and effective in that it simply changes the genders of people in workplace scenario tweets and similar. Hilarious and really makes you think.


‘Office sundries’ at their very best, plus more besides. I love stationery at the best of times, but love it even more when it is beautifully arranged and photographed. Oh, and I love teacakes.



Soraya was instrumental in the movement to get Facebook to crack down on rape jokes, gender-based hate speech, and violence against women, back at the end of May.



A stamp collector and photographer – apparently the secret recipe for a beautiful Twitter account. I used to collect stamps when I was a rock and roll type teenager, and still have a soft spot for them. 


Jamilah is the digital news and life editor for Ebony magazine. She’s also hilarious and opinionated.



Actress and star of “2 Broke Girls” Kat Dennings is one of the funniest famous people on Twitter in my opinion. Her Instagram is worth a follow too, whether you’re a 2BG fan or not.



It’s just an account that goes “bong bong bong” when Big Ben is actually bonging. Hilarious and you’ll never not know the time.



Bored of hearing the same old stuff about Kim Kardashian’s new jeans? Fake Showbiz News parodies random celebrity “news” announcements. Much more interesting and funny than the real ones.



Parody account of King Henry Tudor. The funniest part is that these tweets are probably what he would actually have posted if he was alive today.



My ‘favourite daughter who has her own Twitter account’, Bee. Follow her for funny life updates, recipes and random retweets of Peep Show quotes.


What are your favourite Twitter accounts?



  1. 17 March, 2016 / 1:50 pm

    toally just followed a whole new bunch of people! Thanks for sharing lovely x

  2. 17 March, 2016 / 3:30 pm

    well these look far more interesting than a lot of the accounts I’m following!! Barely use twitter these days but these may change that….!

  3. 17 March, 2016 / 10:34 pm

    Will check these out, I don’t follow any of them at the mo – other than you of course!

  4. 20 March, 2016 / 2:02 pm

    Haha wonderful selection, love the Big Ben one x

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